How to Deal With Erectile Dysfunction in the Relationship?

The attitude of the couple is in determining how a man with erectile dysfunction

and faces to come or not the doctor for help. The best doctors i the field advice and encourage women to understand the problem of their partners and help them

find a solution to better men sexual health.

How to Deal With Erectile Dysfunction and the Role Women Play in It.

“Women have a crucial role in the diagnosis of erectile dysfunction. This is the first person other than the injured who realizes he is told or dysfunction, ” For men, this is a male problem.

They consider them solely because they are embarrassed and cause fear, while well-informed woman understands that it is a couple problem, “he says and adds” time to visit the specialist can prevent the breakdown of the couple. “

Erectile dysfunction is associated with depressed women, according to a study published in the latest issue of climateric.




how to deal with erectile dysfunction


How to Deal With Erectile Dysfunction and Depression in Women.

It concludes that “in middle age, sexual function was significantly associated with depression as well as hormonal status and sexual function of the couple.”

Impotence is also, after the halitosis, the leading cause of decreased sexual desire in Spanish women, according to a survey conducted by Pfizer.

For instance, Almost all Spanish women believe that erectile dysfunction can have a negative impact on self-esteem of men (96%) and 88% would be willing to habalr with your partner about the problem.

The lack of erection, according to Dr. Peraza-Godoy, “causes feelings of frustration, anxiety and depression, increased by the values of a society that for years has genitalizado man, linking its capacity to love and protect the sexual performance “.

When failure occurs, the expert recommends maintaining sexual relations, even without penetration. The important thing, he notes, is to have an understanding of the couple.

Without it you can enter a vicious circle, warns: “Generates before, during and after intercourse attitudes directed exclusively to the performance of the penis and an erection that, once activated, are unstoppable without expert help.”

For example, “the anticipation of failure creates feelings of worthlessness that progressively distance themselves intercourse, and during, the main objective is lost recreational and leisure, becoming the man a vigilant spectator of his

That triggers “progressive diminution of desire, relationship problems, depressive or irritation.”

It is estimated that over 2 million Men in Spain  suffer erectile dysfunction, although the prevalence increases with age.

The psychogenic origin is more common in young men. It may be precipitated by factors such as lack of information on sexual issues, expectations high and overvaluation of the couple, for fear of being wrong during intercourse, anticipation of failure and every circumstance that creates anxiety and stress.

How to Deal With Erectile Dysfunction In older men, what are the health remedies?

The most common causes are of organic origin, such as sedentary lifestyle, hypertension, obesity, diabetes, smoking, surgery and high cholesterol. In these cases you can sometimes restore functionality by acting on the cause.

Thus a study published in the British Medial Journal of Urology International of last August has shown that “quitting smoking causes a significant improvement of both self-referred rates of psychological and sexual health smoking for many years, regardless of the had erectile dysfunction that base. “

When people ask “how to deal with erectile dysfunction”, there is no single answer, but in most cases healthy lifestyle is always a must.


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