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how much weight should I gain during pregnancy

Diet During Pregnancy – How Much Weight Should I Gain During Pregnancy?

My favorite question to pregnant women : “You put on an weight? How long has it been the pregnancy? Do you feel the movement of the child?”

In comparison -the question may cause anxiety in some women. Women who began with enthusiasm is, add 10 pounds during the first trimester of pregnancy, and start thinking about how much they exceeded the required weight. Others, which decreased appetite due to morning sickness, ‘a little gain weight or their weight decreased, and they start thinking it could be, too.

How Much Weight Should I Gain During Pregnancy?

Full growth. It is usually assumed that weight gain during pregnancy of 15 pounds is insufficient. Mothers who have recovered less than 20 pounds, more often give birth to preterm and little weight  children, and too early to feel the uterus.

Excessive fullness of the mother then makes the determination of the child, causing pain in the rump, legs, increases fatigue and varicose veins appear, and the child can grow up to do: the size of his birth in a natural way bude ‘difficult or impossible, and often there are complications after caesarean section, after giving birth work “to lose weight.

The weight of the mother’s body and body weight at birth does not necessarily correlate with each other. You can recover up to 40 pounds, and give birth to a baby weighing 12 pounds, yl) to add 10 pounds, and give birth to a baby weighing 4 pounds.

More important than quantity of food is the nutritional value of food. So, how much weight should I gain during pregnancy?Norm weight gain during pregnancy is 24-34 pounds.

For women, the fragile structures in growth could be up to 24 pounds, while for large women – 34 pounds. Weight gain during pregnancy is decomposed as follows: 6-8 pounds for a child of 14-24 pounds – Det bevel seat, chest fluid, and other elements (see the table below).

Women whose weight is below normal and they become pregnant, should during the first trimester to put on weight to the second trimester began with the standards to achieve: the desired weight gain during pregnancy is 24-34 pounds.

Women whose weight exceeded the norm by 10 – 20%, have to eat less but better quality, and be under medical supervision.

Before you ask yourself” How much weight should I gain during pregnancy”, you should know that pregnancy is not a period of weight loss or weight maintenance as usual, as the fruit will not be able to stay only at the expense of fat mother, who did not give him nutritional value.

Women expecting more than one child should be with your doctor to determine the diet. In spite of the expected twins or triplets, they should add between 28 and 44 pounds, which is the norm.

The frequency of growth. The average weight in the first trimester of pregnancy should grow at 3-4 pounds and 1 pounds per week, ie,13-14 pounds of all, in the second trimester. Gain weight. should take place at such a pace: 1 pounds per week, during, 7 and 8 months of pregnancy, and at 9 months pregnant n. 1 pounds per week will decrease, compared to 8-month “so that the overall growth in the third trimester of 8-9 pounds.

Women rarely hold the above stated rules. Not bad, if a one-week gain of 250 g, and the next – 750  Best of all, if the weight is within the rules, and there are no sharp jumps up and down. If you are not corrected within two weeks of pregnancy or within 4-8 weeks of pregnancy, IL) added more than 3 pounds during the second trimester, or more. 2 pounds per week – in the third trimester, talk with your doctor

Talk to Doctor  to find out more about “How much weight should I gain during pregnancyquestion.

Consult doctor also, if you do not put on weight in two weeks. If your actual weight gain is significantly different from the planned (14 pounds in the first trimester, instead of 3 – 4 pounds or 20 pounds instead. 12 pounds – in the second trimester), do not try to support it, you’ll see that it is normal.

Define your diet with a doctor, according to the needs of your child. Remember that Your child needs a strong daily load diet throughout pregnancy.



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