How Do You Do Kegel Exercises – How fast Can I Do Them?

how od you do kegel exercises


Initially, they may be 20 kegels and rest time to start another group of 20. If 20 is too much for the beginning, do only 10 or 15.

Every one knows how many groups or sets of quick Kegels can do. 3 or 4 sets per day during the first week may be enough.

After the first week, increase the number of repetitions. If you started with 20, do now 25. It is not necessary to take big jumps.


How Do You Do Kegel Exercises And how many sets a day?

What is comfortable. Maybe 5 sets per day is sufficient. Remember that each set will have a greater number of kegels or repetitions, always following the principle of not getting to muscle fatigue.

How Do You Do Kegel Exercises – the Slow Kegel exercises.

 We refer now to the time or the speed used to get from the maximum relaxation to maximum contraction BC and return to relaxation.

Maintaining muscle contraction at its best is another issue that seems to complicate this exercise and this article, and we will see apart.

Around the same time must be slow Kegels, but it is preferable to devote another session during the day, or wait a longer time before and after making quick Kegels. Remember that muscle now do a different job for contributing to your “mens health.”

How Do You Do Kegel Exercises – how fast should I be doing the exercises?

And now we face a dilemma: How slow is slow?

While quick Kegels can keep them at a rate of 2 per second, slow Kegels are another matter.

The slower, the more difficult to progress. Keep in mind that the BC muscle never become like the biceps, to give an exaggerated comparison.

Start doing Kegel lasting 5 seconds from relaxation to maximum contraction (remember I said about a year), keep 1 seconds made at this level and return with the same slowness with which it started. If 5 seconds to be excessive, kegel start with a 2 or 3 seconds long.



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how do you so kegel exercises, kegel exercises

Make the necessary pause and return to the second kegel. A session will consist kegels for 5 to 10, according to the limit considered by the dancer.

In the second week increase the time of each kegel. For example, if started with kegels for 5 seconds each, increased to 8 or 10 seconds.

How Do You Do Kegel Exercises  – How many repetitions?

Slow Kegels are more difficult. So repetitions have to be done with caution. Perhaps some prefer to increase the time of each kegels instead add reps.

Remember that any exercise in repetition means consolidation. But an excess of repeats will not lead to the desired results and the health remedies will be insufficient.

How Do You Do Kegel Exercises – How many sets or groups?

Being slow, it is better to make a number of kegels slow and not worry about grouping them into sets. 5 is preferable to slow kegels all day, increasing each time. Sometimes even 5 is excessive.

Some even reduce the number of slow kegels a day as they increase each time.

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