How Can I Lose Weight -How Many Calories to Lose Weight?

There are complete diets, but they belong to a class of diets with a strong, purposeful reduction in caloric intake, that is, require some effort to slim down.


You Can Lose Weight, too...!!!

In terms of daily calories there are  nutritious diet that can be divided into:

1) The basic diet (daily calories – 1700-2300 kcal, fat loss – up to 50 grams a day);
2) reducing diet (daily calories – 1200-1500 kcal, fat loss – up to 100 grams per day);
3) a rigid diet (daily calories – 400-800 calories, fat loss – up to 200 grams a day).

The best diet to lose weight – it’s mostly the one after which you do not gain any weight back.

How can I Lose Weight Permanently?

   This is a long term Diet Plan any permanent new Lifestyle.

   But the drawback of this diet is that it is slow (2 pounds disappear somewhere for 20 days), which is not like losing weight. All what people  want is to Lose Weight Fast.

The greatest rate of weight loss provides a rigid diet, but it is very likely that after completion you will regain back the Lost weight , sometimes even more than you had prior the Diet.

   And what kick back from the lost weight-what you going to choose? Short term Weight Loss or Long lasting Healthy way to Lose weight..?

How Can I lose weight the most effective way?

The most effective option, according to our team personal experience – to lose weight first with a strict diet until the desired weight goal is met, and then sit for a while on the basic diet for long term effect.

For those who still  have not made their mind  whether to lose weight through diet, first you must at least in general see what processes are taking place in the body during weight loss.


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