How Can I Lose Weight – How many calories?

Of course you can increase physical activity and with it the energy consumption and thereby decrease even more the body fat.

   But by using some sport to really burn many calories, one must also be fit athletic. Untrained person can burn only relatively few calories.

The corresponding fitness exercise that allows one to really burn many calories, you can buy, of course, but even that is not possible in a week.

   Physical fitness is built up over a longer period of time and increases the performance and the ability to burn calories constantly.

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How Can I Lose Weight Diets are better than fasts?

Even if one does not fast, but still something to eat, as in the diets is the case, change the situation fundamentally.

   The body reduces its energy consumption so that the decrease in the long run is not as expected.

   The supply of essential nutrients is restricted, you learn not to eat a healthy diet and gradually raises an uncomfortable feeling of having to avoid-one.

   Then, this means that after a short time even the strongest will is subject to the well-known yo-yo effect.

   After the end of the diet, and often even before you reached your desired weight, you can again start to check your weight on the scales.

 How Can I Lose Weight – Most Diets are suitable for the fast, but not for Lasting Weight Loss.

If fasting or dieting can still result, especially at the beginning, partly to dramatic weight loss, then this is the one at the (almost) complete emptying of the digestive tract, and the other loss is on water.

   This can easily result in a loss of up to five kg of lost weight in a week. These five kg/10 lbs of course after the end of the diet come once again, and there were dismantled virtually no fat.

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