How Can I Lose Weight – Physiotherapy and Weight Loss.

It might look to you that you  lose weight, but this weight loss is not due burned fat but loss of water or the contents of the gastrointestinal tract.

How Can I Lose Weight

Are you determined to Lose Weight?

   For these reasons, many experts oppose the pharmacological treatment of obesity, and so do we.

How Can I Lose Weight with supplements?

However, good results in the treatment of obesity has a supplement Spirulina.

If you apply at least 2 tablets (0.5 g) 3 times a day for half an hour before a meal, then you will gradually lose weight.

   But if you use Spirulina with meals (or after), then the effect will none. However, after withdrawal of Spirulina weight gain recurred.

Physiotherapy is very popular in the treatment of obesity and gives a good effect.a

I want to find out How can I Lose Weight the right way.

   But physical activity has to be applied correctly-do not overwork the body and increase the load gradually. On the one hand, the exercise requires a lot of energy.

   But on the other hand, fat – is a high-substrate, so if you work out it takes less than desirable. Thus, for about an 1 hour running the body burns about 50 grams of fat.

Of course, many people want to lose weight faster and thus they increase the load. Meanwhile, even the hour run seems  a very serious burden to start with, so set your goal and start working towards it slowly.

   Therefore it is not so rare, that people often exceed the permissible exercise load on the body and bring self-harm.

   Suffice it to recall old phrase “do not run from a heart attack to a heart attack.”
In medicine exist the term “Sharon Stone syndrome.” The fact that this great actress at the age of ’43 trying to get fit by heavy physical exercise, is sometimes leading to a stroke.

  Here in the States alone from this syndrome each year die several thousand people.

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