How Can I Lose Weight – Weight Loss Diets and Nutrition.

Thus, incorrect application can cause substantial physical harm to the body.

How can I lose weight

Lose Weight With Some Exercise?

In addition, sports increase appetite, and that obviously prevents the loss of excess fat.

The most effective exercise for young people, as well as for those  who want to lose weight is low volume one.

   To complete-the same exercise should not be used as the primary method of treating obesity.

After all, what they can do is very limited, and  it will not give substantial expenditure of fat. You just simply can not burn fat so fast and in that quantity.


How Can I Lose Weight If I am overweight, towards obese?

   Therefore, for obese people the exercise are – an additional, auxiliary to the main method, i.e through weight loss diet.

The most effective method of treating obesity is dietary, especially when combined with moderate physical training.

   All methods of treating obesity-related decrease in food intake can be divided into two groups – on diet and fasting.

And what’s better?

Fasting and How can I lose weight with it, if possible.

Fasting is of three kinds – absolute, total and partial. Absolute fasting – no food or water – not recommended, since loss of water dangerous to health and life.

 It can lead to partial deficiency and that’s why usually is not applied.

But starvation – strictly no food, but drink water at will – has always been popular since time immemorial.

  In the ancient world, an active promoter of fasting was Pythagoras, in the XX century – Bragg, Shelton, Nikolaevic.

   But now the popularity has dropped substantially because of it leads to complete starvation.

   This is due to the fact that fasting has many shortcomings, which are avoided to some degree in the particular  diets.

   In coming post we will cover more about Fasting. There is justified truth that the diet is better than starvation.



how can i Lose weight



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