Healthy Recipes for Weight LossDiet Meal Plans and Recipe.

healthy recipes for weight loss

I need to Lose weight? Healthy Recipes for Weight Loss


(1 variant of approximately 250 cal)
1 small fruit or dried fruit (20 grams, 50 calories)
plus dry flakes (cereal high fiber) 50 gr. or 1 cup of ready-made porridge + milk (from the authorized per day).

(Option 2)
1 fruit + 1 egg or 20g cheese or cottage 70g (1 / 3 cup) or 75 oz. baked beans + toast or a half muffin + fats from the authorized count.

Lunch (440 cal)

2 slices of bread (60gr.) or 4 crackers or cracker
+ Fats from approved
+ 60g chicken or turkey or lean beef
or 100gr. tuna in water
or 70 oz salmon
or 30g of cheese
or 100g of cottage cheese
or 75 ricotta cheese
or 1 / 2 cup (120 g) nonfat yogurt
or 200 grams of yogurt from the authorized count
or 100g Baked Beans
or 25 g walnuts
+ A large plate of salad (no fat)
or 1 fruit
or 20 grams of dried fruit.


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Dinner (360 cal)

Vegetable soup + 100g of lean meat (the weight of the finished)
or 125 grams of chicken breast without skin
or 90 oz chicken legs (skinless)
or 150 grams of fish (without fat)
or 200g of beans
+ 1 small potato
or 1 / 2 cup rice / pasta
or a couscous. bread (+ fats from approved)
+ Vegetable salad without fat
+ Fruit
+ Low-calorie jelly.

Between meals: water, tea, fruit from lunch, dinner, raw vegetables, milk from the table. Take a multivitamin while on the diet.

Milk during the day (160 cal)
2 cups Skim Milk or 1 1 / 2 cup skim milk

Fat (140 cal)
4 tsp oil
or 3 teaspoons sunflower oil
or 1 1 / 2 st.l.mayonnaise
or 1 / 2 avocado or 30g of nuts.

Healthy Recipes for Weight Loss  

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