How to Get that Healthy Lifestyle back Tips!



Follow these simple 5 tips for Healthy Living

1. Stay on the sunny side- who would not mind having this Healthy Lifestyle, right?

To receive a charge on the nature of health, go outdoors on a sunny day. The sun’s rays falling on the skin and allow your body to produce vitamin D, which helps in the fight against heart disease, depression, osteoporosis and even some cancers. In this time of year the sun is not so much, so you catch more rays when it is still there!

2. One – the magic number

Most large-scale study on the connection with the supply of cancer (it had a European organization EPIC), found that if you eat every day, just one serving of fruit and vegetables more, you can reduce the risk of early death from any cause by 20%.

3. Add yourself a few years having that Healthy Lifestyle

In order to prolong his life for 14 years, enough to be guided by four simple principles: do not smoke, take regular exercise, drink in moderation and eat five servings of fruits and vegetables every day. These simple measures significantly prolong your life, claim scientists at Cambridge University. If you choose one thing from the above, then do not smoke – as the scientists, it is most detrimental to health for life.

4. Step in the right direction

To control your weight, it is enough to make 10 thousand steps a day, according to specialists earlier. However, a recent international study found that women aged 40 years and men aged 50 to 12 thousand on a daily basis to make steps to shake the fat. Make sure that you perform a task, pedometer will help you do that.

5. Laughter – the best medicine and part of you Healthy Lifestyle

Join those who believe that the “glass half full”! According to studies, optimists are less likely to face problems such as cardiovascular disease. Every day find something to laugh – and you maintain the right level of hormones for good mood.

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