Why He Doesn’t  Want To Make Out Anymore?

Men can lose their sexual desire, but what are the reasons? Stress to the fans through sexual disorders: these are the most common reasons.

The timeless story of the “sorry love, I have a headache ‘and’ excuse now conventionally accepted by men who, after years of failed attempts, they realized that if she says these words, there ‘no remote possibility to make fireworks under the sheets.

On the contrary, it is difficult to imagine a man who invent headaches are unbearable to avoid a night of sex. Yet, that happens sometimes. Even men happen to have no desire to have sex, even to them decreases sexual desire. But why?

Why He Doesn’t Want to Make Out  Anymore – The 10 most common reasons are:

1.La fatigue. If the series ” Sex and the City “brave boys in suits and ties, after 10 hours, 3 lectures, 2 and 4 crackers for lunch meetings, succeed in ditching their briefcases and give crazy nights with their partners, in reality things are slightly different. Work sucks all the energy, the tired body and mind and can cause loss of libido.

2. Too much work. Yep, it is not healthy. To think that a boy aged between 20 and 30 may not have wanted to have sex one evening seems absurd. If the boy in question, however, is an ambitious man in a career in the flower of his professional growth, it becomes possible. Stress, worry, concentration often make men forget the sex.

Can Erectile Dysfunction Be a Reason Why He Doesn’t Want to Make Out  Anymore?

3. The presence of diseases such as  premature ejaculation and sexual impotence . Many men suffer from sexual problems such as impotence or ‘ premature ejaculation . They often prefer the fast care and their sexual partners are paying the consequences.

Pressing their man is not the ideal solution. To awaken your sexual desire, it is important that the woman allows her partner to confide in, vent and convince them to consult a specialist or at least to find out, because both disorders are treatable.

Can Stress be Another Reason That He Doesn’t Want to Make Out Anymore?

4. Crisis and depression. Emotional state is a major factor in the sexual life of man as a woman. A state of depression , mild or severe it is, can affect sexual desire. Also in this case, as for sexual disorders, it is very important to the communication in the pair.

5. The ‘enterprising woman. If for some men a woman which is bold and provocative, and takes on the situation and dominate sexual intercourse is a wet dream, for others it is a nightmare. She can inhibit aggressive and willing man, and even let him lose the sexual appetite. Man likes to be the hunter, not prey.

Why He Doesn’t Want to Make Out  Anymore – Can The Reasons Be Purely Physical?

6. Diminishing of the testosterone. With increasing age , obesity, certain drugs and so on, are all causes of the decline in testosterone levels in humans, the male hormone which affects sexual desire . This is a completely natural event, but also in this case, there is no treatment that can alleviate the problem.




he doesn't want to make out

7. He is in love. When you get unconditional love, you miss her unconditional love. Very emotionally involved with men from a woman lowers the testosterone with the resulting loss of libido, a problem already addressed earlier in this article .

8. He masturbates, too. Better alone than in company? It seems that some men prefer the monologue to the ratio of two. The reasons may be different, the insecurity of their performance at little attraction towards women. In any case, it is appropriate to take action and, possibly, referral to a specialist.

How Close You Are, And Why He Doesn’t Want to Make Out  Anymore?

9. He is like a sister. Lots of hugs and little sex, a lot of tenderness and little passion. When this happens, there ‘s something wrong with the couple. Intimacy’ reached by a couple of years has established a positive and romantic side, but it can become monotonous sexually, you do not want that.

10. He  … ,and the other. In this case the object of sexual desire is no longer a partner but a new woman that catalyzes all the attention.

I hope that after going trough some of the tips, you might be able yo better understand what is happening ( or NOT) under the sheets.., and why he doesn’t want to make out anymore.

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