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HCG Weight Loss ProgramHCG Diet Dangers

Before starting with the HCG you should look at the HCG Diet Dangers. With the growing popularity of the population  doing HCG Diet, many people wonder if the are  dangerous side effects of HCG. So the risk of HCG? The answer lies in the method that you take HCG with. There are two methods for taking HCG injections or oral drops.

HCG injections foe weight loss-as Mr.. Simon stated in the HCG diet protocol from 1950. Daily injections require a prescription, and should be under medical supervision to monitor closely. Studies have shown that some people who did HCG injection had an increase in blood pressure.

This is not good for those who need to lose weight! There are also reports of blood clots associated with the injection of HCG. Yes, you can understand why it is so important to watch carefully when you do the diet with HCG injections. Look for new, safe method of HCG – where the HCG diet dangers are reduced.

What about HCG drops? HCG oral drops you do 10 drops under the tongue half-hour before each meal. Drops of thin fabric absorbed under the tongue. Nothing is injected directly into your body. Drops taken three times a day provides a constant supply of the hormone HCG in the blood, rather than injecting it in high-dose.

The best news about HCG oral solution downward, that people get the same results, some say even better than injections.So what are the HCG diet dangers ? As with any healthy diet is enough to go on a diet low in calories, that is what the goal of the HCG Diet is anyway.

If you have health problems such as diabetes or high cholesterol or hypertension, you should consult your doctor before you finally go to the new regime.when you use  HCG oral drops, you will receive a lower dose of the benefits of HCG safe. There are no proven side effects of HCG oral drops, which explains why so many people are turning away from the injection.

Why not start now and begin to lose 1-2 pounds a day,  using HCG Diet Drops?


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