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Basic Principle of Weight Loss and Healthy Lifestyle from Harvey & Marilyn Diamond Diet

Excessive amounts of protein, according to many nutritionists, leads to serious illness. Meat diet is not completely broken down in the stomach, is its half-life, accumulate toxic substances, increasing the weight.

Fruit – Live glucose in the body.

It is very quickly digested and absorbed. All fruits except bananas, figs and dried fruits are not digested in the stomach. They go through it for 20-30 minutes (bananas and dates a little longer), as through a tunnel, and then cleaved in the gut and give their valuable nutrients. Due to the fact that the fruits do not split in the stomach, the body remains a significant amount of energy used for cleaning the body.

But in order to benefit from the fruits, Harvey Diamond has advised them on an empty stomach, but not for dessert. If the fruit comes into contact with food, located in the stomach and digestive juices, they can not freely pass into the intestines and impede the digestion of the food supply.

Eating fruit on an empty stomach, you have to wait 20-30 minutes before proceeding to the next meal. During this time, fruit juice, or manage to escape from the stomach. Bananas, dried fruits, dates required for digestion of 45 minutes to an hour.




Everyone knows that the most unfortunate time for a meal – the evening. But even worse is the morning immediately after waking up. When you wake up, you are filled with energy. And if you spend that energy on a hearty breakfast, it all will be spent on digestion.

Skipping breakfast, you do not force your body to suffer from lack of food, because you use the food eaten the day before. The trouble is that an unhealthy digestive tract does not allow many people to follow the true needs of his body, causing increased appetite.

Weight loss depends on cleansing the body.

This is sometimes accompanied by unpleasant sensations.

First – flatulence.

When you start eating more fruits on an empty stomach, to stir up the accumulated body of toxic waste, causing gas and bloating. This usually happens within 48 hours after changing the diet and rarely lasts for more than 72 hours.

But if the body is strongly blocked, then after clearing the trouble may last 2-3 weeks. May have a headache, ache of the bone. Sometimes nausea, fatigue, irritation. Sometimes loose stools. Perhaps excessive mucus from the sinuses. But it’s not cold.

Removed from the body toxins that have been stored for a long time in the mucous membranes. But all this rather quickly. Thanks to the cleansing effect of fruit solids are washed off the stool with the intestinal wall and are removed from the body in a relaxing chair.

Complete removal of toxins may take months. But after a few days after the cessation of the unpleasant effects you will feel more energetic and start losing weight. Further relieve the body of waste will occur without any untoward effects.

Any program  weight loss program can not be achieved without exercise. Exercise stimulates the heart, respiratory and circulatory systems. Thanks to them, fresh, full of oxygenated blood supplied to all organs.

In no case do not overeat!

One of the most common causes of overeating, according to Diamond, is that the body loses nutrients that are absorbed from the intestine.

Another reason – the use of non-nutrient foods such as refined cereals and other products subjected to excessive cooking. The body requires more food, because he was not sated. Way better way to leave the body hungry, not feed him than to have refined foods or substitutes, warns Harvey Diamond. At constant overeating is a slow depletion of the body. Over 60% of the U.S. population suffers from obesity, eating food substitutes.

The proposed new way of eating helps to combat both the causes of overeating. Foods with high water content cleanses the intestines, so the hairs absorb nutrients well, and as the basis of the diet is raw fruit, the body gets enough of them.

At first the feeling of hunger w haunt you, but do not worry, let your body cleanse – and everything returns to normal.

Harvey Diamond brings a menu built on its principles.

Before noon

Fresh fruits and juices. Fresh vegetable juices and salads.


Steam vegetables, nuts and seeds. Porridge, bread, potatoes, beans, meat, chicken, fish and dairy products.

Thanks to these principles you can normalize your weight without feeling hunger pangs.


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