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“Fit for Life” – Harvey Diamond Diet Program … or how to lose 20 extra pounds

An American doctor Harvey Diamond have experienced the danger of obesity. When the weight is 20 kg higher than the norm, he began to experience serious health problems. He needed only a month to help with natural hygiene methods to lose weight. Changing the diet, Dr. Diamond lost more than 20 kg and had already gained in the future is not a single gram of excess weight.

In 1983, Harvey Diamond he did doctorate in nutrition. For 15 years he studied the dependence of body weight from the food it consumes. As a result, Harvey Diamond has developed a detailed program of gradual and permanent weight loss. Under this program, you can eat tasty and varied, the body will be provided with all necessary nutrients, increase its energy potential.

Vegetables in the Harvey Diamond Diet

Best of all, says Dr. Diamond, start their day with fresh fruit juice – orange, apple, strawberry, grape. If you want, you can add to juice fruit – not just any canned), and in any quantity. If the early morning you drink some juice and ate an apple, and at 10 am again feel hungry, eat some more fruit: 1-2 oranges, apples, pears, cherries or grapes. If, after the juicy fruit you’re still hungry, eat 1 or 2 bananas. The main rule – is not until noon nothing but fruit.

At lunch you can prepare a salad of fresh vegetables and eat it on toast. Or make a sandwich: the bread slices to put tomatoes, cucumber, parsley and season with mayonnaise or butter.

Dinner can start with a fruit and vegetable cocktails. Then eat the rice or baked potatoes with lightly boiled for a couple of vegetables and lettuce. You can select a meat, chicken or fish with vegetables and greens, or soup with croutons made from corn flour and coleslaw. The range of products recommended by Diamond, is quite large, crucial time of food and product mix. This knowledge of “when” and “how” – the basis for success.

Steady weight loss is directly related to the amount of life energy. The famous Swiss physician Birher-Benner believed that for this purpose is the most suitable plant food, since it has the highest energy. Just having a store of energy, the body can automatically lose weight. The more energy is released, the easier it is to lose weight.

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