Hair Loss  Vitamins – female hair loss and how to prevent it.

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Fresh blood for your hair combined with Hair Loss Vitamins

Eat four times a day, fresh seasonal fruit or slightly acidic fruits such as kiwi, lemons, grapefruit and oranges. They contain vitamin C is an important building and protective substance for all vessels.

Fruit pulp contains valuable bioflavonoids that protect the tiny blood vessels in the skin tissue at the base of the hair. Other important building material for the thin capillary walls are zinc and vitamin B6. Both nutrients found in foods from whole grains and rice in bulk. The ideal meal is a daily portion of cereals (0.5 cups) of freshly ground beans.

Make sure that the cholesterol in your cells and blood vessels has always been thinly diluted and thus transportable. The best remedy: soy lecithin, it contains up to 40 per cent of choline, fat-like B vitamins, which makes cholesterol best to use.


 Hair Loss Vitamins: The protein – strength and density for the hair.

Each individual hair is 97 percent composed of keratin, the horny protein substance that is carefully shaped into a hair follicle and is introduced into the body hair. At the root of this protein has a very delicate frame, so very young hair fluffy and soft. Only in the further growth of the keratin becomes strong and durable.

What is happening with my hair – I falls when I take shower?

Q: I’m worried about my hair falling out when I wash my hair. I am 48 years old and am going through menopause. Does that have anything to do with it?

A: It’s not unusual for changes in hair density, growth or composition to occur during the main hormonal changes of a woman’s life—puberty, pregnancy, several months post-pregnancy or at the onset of menopause.

The difference is those early changes are often temporary, while the hair loss and thinning that some women experience during menopause can be longer-lasting or permanent.

This may be due to a combination of factors such as heredity, aging, illness, or the changing balance between the hormones estrogen and testosterone. 


 Hair Loss Vitamins – how they help with the growth of the hair?

To develop the keratin cells at the base of the hair needs a lot of protein. Protein-rich meal after 8:00 has a noticeable effect on hair growth – although the record is so subtle changes can only be a biochemist. A person who provides your hair with fresh protein, feels success after a maximum of two weeks.
Keratin – horny albumen, strengthens the hair. Protein foods such as fish, in combination with acidic fruits such as lemon, creates the base of the hair keratin needed him.




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