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hair loss vitamin supplements

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The quality of the hair in most cases it is not limited to the presence of protein.  In many countries today, people are getting rich protein food.

The problem – in the processing of the protein. Each steak, each piece of low-fat cheese and walnut, each requiring gastric juice containing pepsin to break down and digest protein.

What you need to know about them Hair Loss Vitamin Supplements

And on top of the small intestine digestive juices must reach a certain acidity. In other big lumpy protein molecules can not split into amino acids and thin hair cells do not get raw materials for the fantastically luxurious hair.

Therefore, experts in metabolism  recommend to constantly add to the protein  sour fruits such as kiwis, apples and citrus fruits. The inhabitants of southern countries for thousands of years use for  fish sprinkled lemon.

Equally important is vitamin B6, which is a motor protein metabolism. Many of the vitamin found in liver, soy products, as in all embryonic germ and nuts, it is less is present in meat, fish, bananas, avocados, corn and spinach.

Hair Loss Vitamin Supplements and protein rich foods

Your hair needs sulfur, which is linked to the metabolism of certain amino acids with. Grand Master aiming light is cystine, which is a stable form of sulfur rich amino acids – cysteine. Cystine brings shine to every molecule of keratin.

Therefore, cystine is most often found in the hair, but unfortunately, the hair can not be eaten. A good supplier is the yolk, which, along with cystine also contains other binding sulfur amino acids – methionine and taurine.

All protein-rich foods such as meat, fat cheese, soy products and even vegetables contain a lot of cystine. It is important to take time to eat fruits rich in vitamin C, since without this vitamin cystine easily splits into two molecules of cysteine.

Hair Loss Vitamin Supplements and lifestyle

The one who has fun all night long with lots of alcohol and nicotine,can have hie/her  hair to become dull. The reason is the high consumption of vitamin C in the stressful conditions of the party.

Women and men are exposed to unusually large work load or affected by ongoing conflicts and tensions that are often devoid of hair shine – because of the lack of stress created by vitamin C. Each experience shock stops the growth of larger or smaller number of hair.
Beautiful hair color depends on the metabolism.

Hair Loss vitamin Supplements and hair color.

Hair color, whatever it may be – light, dark, chestnut, black or bright-red, there is certainly no accident. Special substances that give the hair color or fix it, nourish strong pigment molecules that are resistant to stress the processes of decay. As we know, from anger and sadness hair turns gray.

For the active participation of enzymes in the hair color is important presence of zinc – trace element, which is especially a lot of products from wheat flour. But the large monoculture farms with contaminated soil with pesticides still deliver grain to low zinc content.

Three vitamin retain the brightness of hair coloring or repair it at an early graying: P-aminobenzoic acid (PABA), pantothenic acid (vitamin B5) and folic acid (vitamin B9).

These vitamin supplements are found in liver, fish that live in cold waters, such as herring, mackerel, salmon, halibut, trout, etc., egg yolk, whole grains, nuts, seeds and germ sprouts.

Rejuvenating effect of these three vitamins in metabolism are closely interrelated. Vitamin PABA is a component of folic acid, it activates the intestinal bacteria in the formulation of folic acid, which in turn helps the production of pantothenic acid. Vitamin PABA – the best restorer of faded hair.

It is found in the liver and in such supplements as germinated seeds of wheat, yeast and molasses.

Meanwhile, much of the PABA produced by intestinal bacteria, therefore, determined by the brightness of the hair coloring – especially in people over 40 years – the work of the intestine.

Anyone who wants to bring the color to the hair, should bring  in complete order to the the intestinal flora.



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