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 hair loss remedies

What you need to know about Hair Loss and Hair Loss Remedies

Hair loss is common. And I often hear people complaining about it. I would like to share some recipes for  hair loss remedies, which I personally very much.Start using  it and you will see the result from  treating  hair loss   with Hair Loss Remedies .

Especially strong in my hair fell out after giving birth, it is quite natural, pregnancy and breast-feeding – a serious burden on the body. But to put up with that I was not going, so started looking for affordable and simple  Hair Loss Remedies.

Hair Loss remedies #1

The first hair Loss remedies I advised my mom  for- it’s the infusion of lemon rinse. I picked up a third of lemon peel, I cut into small pieces and pour hot water into a small tank (the bank, a mug). Lemon carefully squeeze the water and leave to infuse directly with peel and seeds. My head in the usual way. After washing, pour into a bowl of lemon extract, diluted with warm water in a quantity sufficient for rinsing. A few minutes rinse hair thoroughly.

Wash is not necessary. Do not worry if the hair will remain “lumps” of lemon. They then dry the hair combed out easily. The effect is felt after the first rinse. And here it is important to calm down, and continue treatment for 2 times a week for at least a month. Very simple, yet effective Hair loss  remedies for treating hair loss

Hair Loss Remedies #2

Another recipe that takes a little longer, but very effective, even when clearly defined problems. The same applies to the category of home remedies for hair loss treatment.

Castor Oil – 2 tbsp. spoon
Vitamin A – 1 tbsp. spoon
Burdock oil – 2 tbsp. spoon
Dimeksid (solution, sold in pharmacies) – 1 tbsp. spoon

Hair Loss Remedies #3

The recipe has appeared vitamin E, but it is oily and difficult to rinse. So I’m not taking it.
All this is mixed in the proportions and get a great treatment for hair loss - nourishing mask. Chill in the water bath or simply pour a cup and heated in boiling water.

Rub into the scalp and hair grease. Cover the head of cellophane (you can cut the bag along one long side and put a cap) on top wraps a towel to warm up. Leave at least 15-20 minutes. If you have time you can hold several hours. Wash off with shampoo as usual. This mask is not only very well strengthen the hair roots. Thanks to her, and the hair becomes bushy, easy to fit and hairstyle lasts longer.

Home remedies applied are much better, and much more accessible. By the way, agree with that and my hairdresser. Yes, and I note that these methods of hair loss  and hair loss remedies are effective not only for women but for men.


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