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Does Green Tea Burn Fat Green Tea Weight Loss.

Weight Loss and Green tea   lately is a topic that is increasingly gaining momentum in the methods of weight loss. Teas are also introduced many years ago as a beverage rich in antioxidants. Today green tea is used increasingly – often in diet or in weight loss regimes. Is the effect really  that good ? Scientists are still hesitant about it.

Green Tea Weight Loss and how it works.

Green tea is made from tea leaves when they are dry, rather than by fermentation. Fermentation process, which produces black tea, does not retain the ingredients that serve as antioxidants.

Positive effects of green tea are many. It contains antioxidants that fight cancer, heart disease and other health problems. Because of these very powerful ingredients are green tea made many studies showed that they do not contribute to weight loss.

Green Tea Weight Loss – Results of research.

Various studies have been done on green tea weight loss. Findings are from  other studies. too,Many of them were inconclusive and showed lower impact of green tea weight loss relation.

Survey of 2004 related to the influence of green tea on the human body shows interesting results. Researchers looked at whether green tea in combination with caffeine decreased or destroyed regaining weight in obese people who have downloaded about 5 to 10% of body weight. The results were inconclusive.

They did Not found a real difference between the people who have used green tea and those who are not. Even some participants in the group using green tea in the experiment, showed weight gain due to caffeine.

Another study in 2005 showed different results. Used two groups of people. One uses Chinese black tea, green and the other group. Those who drank green tea showed very positive results:

• Reduced weight

• Reduced body fat

• Reduced cholesterol levels

This study recommends eating at least four cups of green tea a day.

According to a leading hospital in America, green tea is not recommended for any type of people, especially those who are allergic to caffeine and tannin.

Green Tea Weight Loss and Dosage.

Green tea is related to herbal medicines. However, experts recommend only be taken as a tea or extract.

You can take about 5 or 6 cups of green tea per day. In case of any side effects from caffeine for example, its consumption should be reduced or completely stopped. Although the relationship of green tea weight loss in humans is not proven, it has many other beneficial ingredients that have a positive effect on the body.


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