Green Tea BenefitsDoes Green Tea Help you Lose Weight?

What are the  Green Tea Benefits?!


Does Green Tea burn Fat – Green Tea Benefits:

1. When Drinking green tea- it strengthens the spirit, lift your mood, improves memory and brain activity.

2. The Green tea has a refreshing, invigorating effect and helps with fatigue.

3. It prevents dental caries. Studies of British scientists confirmed that caries are very rare in people who drink green tea daily.

4. maintain normal activity of the heart and stomach.

5. stimulates blood circulation and energy.

6. helps against cancer and malignant tumors. Enhances immune functions, acts beneficial for the prevention and treatment of radiation sickness, radiation and in poisonings.

7. stops and slows the aging process of cells and contributes to the rejuvenation and longevity.

8. has many substances necessary for human beings. Zinc, which is found in green tea plays an important role in the proper diet during pregnancy. This is one of the Green Tea benefits.





9. Clears the blood cholesterol and other harmful substances and deposits from the walls of blood vessels. Prevents and treats atherosclerosis, high blood pressure and heart disease.

10. stimulates the excretory system, kidney and bladder.

11. strengthens the body and nervous system.

12. it can treat obesity and can be used as makeover. Stretched skin and opens pores

13.  beneficial for eye diseases and strengthens the eyes.

14. manage to regulate the balance between acids and alkalis in the body.

15. body cool during summer heat and thus body temperature adapts to external conditions. Nine minutes after taking tea open skin pores, body temperature dropped by 1-2 degrees and you feel good during the heat.

Note: It is about green tea benefits from the leaves. the true green tea. You can buy  teas sold  in specialized shops, and those health food stores. Weather  you drink black or green it does not matter … the question is not to overdo it, because as people say “Any small amounts of poison  turn into medicine and any medicine in large doses becomes -poison.”

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