Gout Diet Plan– pick a diet for gout to reduce the pain.


Should you pick some Gout Diet? answer is – YES!!!

Good Gout diet can be one of the best Remedies for Gout.Some studies conducted in the 70’s., Suggested that folic acid may reduce uric acid levels and thereby reduce the risk of gout.

However, later studies failed to prove the existence of such an effect even at high doses. Recommendation: Although folic acid is essential for health, its role in gout is still unclear.

Gout Diet rich inVitamin C stimulates the excretion of uric acid by the kidneys and thereby reduces the risk of a gout attack. Recommendations: gradually increase intake of vitamin C at least up to 4 grams per day.

In an article on vitamin C read about how to gradually achieve this dose, using crystalline (powdered) Vitamin C. If your weight exceeds 65 kg, you may need to increase the daily intake of vitamin or even up to 6 to 8 g (if will not exceed your level of intestinal tolerance).

What worsens?

Gout Diet high in sucrose or table sugar contributes to the development of gout, since increased levels of insulin, which prevents the excretion of uric acid from the body. Do not think that the sugar – it’s just candy and what you sweetens food.

In addition to the “air” rice rolls with icing, soft drinks, cakes, pies, cookies, ice cream and candy sugar is used in the preparation of many other products, resulting in consumption has increased its 20th century to the unprecedented size.

In 1890, for every person – man, woman and child – had about 800 grams of sugar per year. In the 1980’s. we have to absorb an average of more than 50 kg (!!!) year. No, it’s not a typo.

Indeed, each of us consumes 50 kg of sugar per year. Recommendation and Remedies: stop or drastically reduce the consumption of sugar and cooked in a product, corn syrup, molasses, syrup, high fructose.

If the fruit contains more fructose than sucrose, it does not mean that  kind of Gout Diet should always be useful. In the case of gout, this may not be otherwise, since fructose increases the production of uric acid, which contributes to the development of gout. Recommendation: Do not try to replace sucrose with fructose. Do not eat sweets and soft drinks with fructose.

Otherwise, hoping to avoid the consumption of sucrose, you can aggravate the problem. One or two of fresh fruit are likely to contain the maximum amount of fructose, which you can consume daily without increasing the risk of a gout attack. And do not drink fruit juice glass after glass. The use of artificial sweeteners (aspartame, saccharin) did not decrease the risk of disease.

Alcohol is one of the products, most conducive to the development of gout and should be totally excluded from the Gout Diet. Metabolic products of alcohol competes with uric acid in the process of absorption in the kidneys that allows uric acid to accumulate in the body.

In particular, beer causes gout, because it contains more purines (see below) rather than wine or spirits. Recommendation: If you are likely sick with gout, stop or drastically reduce the consumption of all forms of alcohol. At least drink a day not more than one glass of wine or beer.

Gout Diet with red meat, liver, kidney, shellfish, crabs, lentils, beans and peas, increase the likelihood of the disease because they contain a lot of purines, substances that the body is formed uric acid. Recommendation:

If you suffer from gout or are at risk (ie if you are male, are overweight, taking diuretics, which increase blood pressure, or if you begin to develop diabetes), reduce the consumption of purine-rich foods. The main sources of protein, use lean fish, poultry (without skin), egg whites and dairy products with low fat content.

Vitamin A can cause an attack of gout in those who are suffering from it, and possibly in people at risk. Recommendation: Do not take vitamin A under these circumstances.

High doses of nicotinic acid, used in particular to lower cholesterol, can cause gout, since the decay products of nicotinic acid to compete with uric acid during absorption in the kidneys.

Such competition can lead to accumulation of uric acid and, therefore, to attack. Recommendation: If you suffer from gout or is at risk, do not take more than 50-100 mg of nicotinic acid per day.


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