Gluten Free Recipes -Tasty Gluten Free Chocolate Cake Recipe.

I can not claim that this mix is low calorie or really corresponds to the principles of healthy eating do not mix grains and sugars, but there are some ethical  diets  advantages:

– No gluten
– No milk and eggs
– No cooked fats and refined sugar.



gluten free chocolate cake

Gluten Free Recipes – The magical ingredients..!

For 5-6 servings are needed:
– Gluten free banana bread cooled, the advantage is that you you can save it much longer in the refrigerator and freeze.
– 5-6 tablespoons treacle
– 6-7 teaspoons cocoa
– 30 grams fresh oil
– Drink water tap – about one cup, but depends on the preferences for density
– Optional additions: chopped / crushed bulk raw nuts, flavorings (vanilla, orange / porotokalovi crusts, almond, coconut, and a little liquor)
– Optional decoration: cocktail cherries, orange slices, whole nuts, mint leaves, coconut pieces, etc. – because dark-dark-brown mixture, any “bright” decorations are much better.

Molasses and cocoa mix very well with the chosen flavor.

   Mix it with water and stir several times until it reaches semi mess.

    Added is finely minced banana bread (bread crumbles anyway when it’s cold, so it is super easy to crumble them down) and mix well.

   If it becomes very thick and lacks sweet / chocolate flavor is added in a little water, molasses, cocoa and again you stir it well.

   Finally add the melted butter at room temperature and stir.


   Pour into dessert bowls in small- three tablespoons per person are enough. ( have enough bowls because it is a killer jam). Top is decorated according to taste and you can use your imagination, too.

This cake is about 10 minutes to prepare if you have banana bread in the refrigerator and look and taste transcends many of his gluten counterparts.

Cheers and enjoy the the Chocolate Cake Gluten Free Recipes.


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