Gluten Free Foods – Celiac Disease Food to Eat!

To eat gluten free foods is  getting easier , since having them around is a very easy task to accomplish.

Gluten free foods – from Beer to the breakfast are easier to find on the shelves like never before.

   And as a consumer,  many of us can not get enough of them.

gluten free foods celiac disease

Gluten Free Foods – what are the trends here in the US?

   Last year in the USA we spent just over 2.6 billion dollars for gluten-free foods, and still want more. For those who can not tolerate or are sensitive to gluten, a protein which is found in wheat, rye and barley, these foods are a blessing.

   But many gluten-free foods are being snapped up by people who process the gluten just fine, believing that use gluten-free foods is a good strategy for weight loss.

   And for them I would say “Be Careful” – because gluten free does not mean low calorie.
This flood of products without gluten reminds me of an avalanche of low carb foods that were flooded stores at the end of the madness of low carbohydrate diet a few years ago.

   Initially, when low carbohydrate diet was popular foods contain mostly protein and fat, very little fruit and vegetables and little of anything else.

   Staying in the daily limit of carbohydrates was very easy.

   Once the choice of food was very limited and did not need to count calories. Even with the promise that they can eat as much as they want, people still lose weight.

 Gluten Free Foods and what to read on the labels

   This is partly due to fatigue. With such little variety in the end people just started to eat less.

   Just had a few foods that people could eat day after day.
Without waiting to miss the opportunity food producers with full powers began to churn out many low carb products on the market such as candy, bread, biscuits and cakes, all seemed suitable for low carb diet.

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