Gluten Free Foods – How to Choose my Diet Plan.

Studies of the food market show that interest in wheat free foods and gluten free foods  is increasing constantly.

1 out of 133 people are on Gluten Free Foods Diet.

   This is not surprising since celiac disease or gluten intolerance may develop in 1 of 133 people.

   Worrying news is that many people with this disease are not tested and, according to a Mayo Clinic study, “young people today are 4 times more likely to get sick from celiac disease than their peers 60 years ago.”

Celiac disease should not be mistaken with food or wheat allergy.

   It is a genetic disease and causes digestive problems, based on the body’s intolerance to gluten, found in all wheat plants – wheat, rye, oats, etc.. It seems a man can do an experiment to look at which products can be found wheat – eventually discovers that it is everywhere – from soaps, soy sauce, ice cream and various salad dressings, to the obvious foods like bread, cereal, snacks and crackers .

Gluten Free Foods – how was it like couple of years ago?

While 3-4 years ago the food market still lacked food and products for people with this problem, now we have an increasing variety of food products, companies and shops for fruit and vegetables, caring for those with wheat intolerance products and gluten intolerance.

   The increased interest and debate around this topic is a great opportunity to diagnose the problem and to prepare a healthy diet.

Some of the symptoms of celiac disease, which can occur at any time of your life even before you have not had complaints consist of continuous swelling of the stomach or gas pain, migraine headaches, nausea, fatigue, weakness and lack of energy and others.

   Very often, celiac disease can be confused with food poisoning or stomach ailments trivial.

   However, complications occur primarily in young children than in adults, so if that is the case is good to ask the pediatrician for the required advice.

The complex structure of wheat is the cause of its difficult digesting.

   If you have recently complained of unexplained symptoms similar to the above, it is advisable to contact a specialist in nutrition and dietetics, who will prepare a diet without wheat products to test if you feel better.

Cheerers with your choice of Gluten free Foods.



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