Gluten Free Foods – Diet Regime for Celiac Disease.

Suddenly this restricted diet was more diverse than ever.

   And people eat more calories than ever … it is not surprising that the weight started to rise.

   Why? Because they only count carbs (not counting calories), they noticed that many of these products although they are advertised as low carb was full short on calories…., really?
It seems that the same scenario will repeat itself with the gluten free foods.

gluten free foods low glycemic

Gluten Free Foods – what will I Have to Give Up?

   Once the main source of gluten in the diet is wheat (and everything made from it), those who avoid gluten will have to give up foods like bread, rice, pasta, cookies, crackers and instead to accept most of their carbohydrates from fruits and vegetables-which is not-bad idea to lose weight.
But thanks to the replacement (in most cases) of refined wheat flour with rice flour, potato starch or corn we now have gluten free foods such as granola cereal, cakes, biscuits and cakes.

Gluten Free Foods – what am I supposed to be doing with the starch?

   But its starch is starch, so as to avoid gluten does not mean that they will remove it better instead pay attention to calories.
Compare the labels of standard cakes and cookies with these gluten free and you’ll know what I am  talking about.

   Lately, studying a few gluten free muffins from a nearby bakery, I noticed that with their  20 grams of fat and 450 calories, they hardly qualify as diet food.
Whatever reason to avoid gluten, you need to watch calories.


   If you like those which last year fed a low carbohydrate, paying attention only to the intake of gluten, high calorie diet with gluten free foods will put an end to your weight loss.

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