Gluten Free Diet -What can I Eat?

... as its baseline product is wheat.

   Therefore, if your condition requires avoiding the consumption of gluten, you can forget about spaghetti, noodles and different types of pasta




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Gluten Free Diet –  Contains wheat pretzels:

If you follow the rule № 1 and always read product labels, you’ll notice that most crackers contain wheat.

   Instead, the best drink is rice cakes or corn chips. Another suitable replacement is popcorn.

 Gluten Free Diet Tips: Avoid breaded dishes:

Besides damaging due to the rich in saturated and trans fats, contain wheat flour breading.

   Rather than panic fish, chicken or other meat, eat them steamed, baked or grilled.

Avoid biscuits, cakes and cakes

If you stick to a gluten-free diet, refrain from eating cakes, cakes, biscuits and other treats that contain wheat.

   A suitable and sucking jelly candies  normally do not contain gluten. However, if you are eating something in a bakery, at least do it in specialized bakeries where there are available gluten-free cakes, cakes and other pastries.

Beer also contains wheat and barley

To the disappointment of fans of the most popular low-alcohol drinks, beer is traditionally made by boiling and fermentation of starch derived mainly from cereals – especially malt barley.

   The good news is that there are many low-strength drinks which do not contain gluten.

   For example, except from the fact that  it does not contain gluten, wine in moderation has a favorable effect on the cardiovascular system.

Gluten-free diet and autism

Some people believe that gluten-free diet helps children with autism .

   According to this theory, autistic people are sensitive to gluten and the avoidance of this

protein can improve their condition, including their social behavior.

   To date, however, not enough data to confirm or refute this claim.

Life without gluten is sometimes difficult

Respect a gluten-free diet is not always an easy task.

   But even people with an allergy to gluten and gluten enteropathy can enjoy the food.

   Gluten free diet allows the consumption of carbohydrate foods like rice and potatoes which can be prepared in various delicious dishes.

   You can also eat meat and animal products, fruits and vegetables.

   Lovers of sweets and ice cream can even eat ice cream or egg, as long as they do not contain gluten preservatives and stabilizers.

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