Gabriel Method – Rapid Weight Loss Diet

gabriel method weight loss diet

   Gabriel method is a  relatively new Diet. Here is the way it Goes:

For 30 days without a break in the morning and evening, do the following:

   Find a picture of someone you want to look like.This photo can be yours from years ago. Let it be for you is the dream body. Jon Gabriel reminded not think that it is realistic or not, just select the picture. Assume that anything is possible.

    Pictured bottom write: “Using the power of your mind to create the body of your dreams.”

   Let the image stand in a convenient location, Jon Gabriel advises to it place near the bed, because when you wake up most of he time you are lying and  you can observe directly.

Do the following before going to sleep:

    Watch the photo for  about half a minute.

    As you watch, say the words you typed in the lower edge.

    Close your eyes and imagine that you already look like the body of the picture.

   Do this for as long as you are feel good.
    Imagine that you appear as the man in the picture not only physically but also mentally, imagine how the smaller size clothes touch your body merge with that feeling.
    Use the CD – you can download it from

    When you wake up the next day again, imagine the ideal body image and watch relive the sensation of the dream come true.
    Imagine that day which you expect to happen as you imagine it the great happiness you will get to.

Can this really help me Lose Weight?How long does it take to learn to visualize?



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Jon Gabriel, said that to form the habit of visualization are required 21 days, so that by the end of the first month, you must already have mastered the habit.

  Practice the Gabriel Method regularly – morning and evening.


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