Foods with Gluten – What to Eat for Celiac Disease.

Gluten is a protein found in wheat, rye, barley and oats.

  Foods With Gluten Diet It is composed of proteins gliadin and glutenin that exist related to starch in the endosperm of some cereals.

   These two proteins make up about 80% of the protein in wheat grain are the main cause for the development of gluten enteropathy.

One of every three hundred people aged between 30 and 45 years developed an intolerance to Foods with gluten and manifest symptoms in only a third of those affected are so strong that the need to seek professional help.

Unlike other affected often suffer from various ailments, most often resulting in a regular occurrence of herpes and reduced resistance of the organism, without any objective reason.

Gluten enteropathy is most often characterized by severe diarrhea and great weight loss.

The potential risk lies in the fact that the declared content are not always able to determine whether the product contains the corresponding protein.

Foods with gluten

For better prevention against the onset of shock induced by gluten is necessary to read product labels.

But even then there is no sure guarantee that the main sources of hazardous protein is in the composition of a large number of food products.

   Some of these products are used as auxiliaries and their use is not recorded in the content.

Wheat flour as is often used to facilitate the passage of food through processing machines, for sprinkling on pans to prevent sticking of the product.

   On the other hand, many manufacturers use it to increase the volume of spices , all sorts of mixtures thereof, etc.

One of the most commonly consumed foods are potentially dangerous:

  • white flour (type 500, 1150, 1050, etc.), whole wheat flour, graham
  • wheat
  • manna croup

  • durum – kind of hard yellow wheat grains used widely for production of pasta and spaghetti.
  • oats – it is found that contains a certain amount of protein similar to wheat gluten, but not always, can cause reactions in people with intolerance.

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