Foods with Gluten - Diet  and Food to pick

  • deterioration of general health;Foods with Gluten Menu
  • constant feeling of fatigue ;
  • inability to concentrate;
  • frequent mood swings;
  • regular appearance of sores and herpes;
  • dermatitis;
  • diarrhea, flatulence associated with a sharp reduction in body weight;
  • anemia – consider that this is most telling of all symptoms, which occurs even when overweight people;
  • muscle disease;
  • electrolyte disturbances;
  • frequent dental problems;
  • sterility.

Foods With Gluten and How to diagnose the disease?

Gluten enteropathy is diagnosed primarily through blood testing for antibodies (and antiglandidi antiendomitsini), which are found in the blood of people suffering from gluten intolerance.

If the sample proves positive, Endoscopic examination is carried out in order to obtain a bio-material which is then identified using a microscope to establish the damage the cells of the small intestine.




Foods with Gluten and the Treatment of the Celiac Disease.

The first and most important thing to do is to stop the consumption of foods with gluten, and those suspected of having it. Consistency in this respect is another, more difficult part of the solution.

Since gluten enteropathy is extremely difficult to fight with  medications, gluten diet is a solution which gives a satisfactory result. Thus the necessary carbohydrates for the body must be supplied with products such as corn , soy , eggs , milk and yogurt and other dairy products (cheese, cottage cheese), rice , buckwheat.

All food must be rich in vitamins and minerals that does not prevents their absorption .

Moreover, for patients with celiac diseaseis important to recover the deficit of  vitamins B and zinc , which is happening with the abundant consumption of plant products. Reduction of fat must be adopted and the amount of fat per day have to be restricted-permitted no more than ’40 grams.

There is also a resistant form of the disease in which diet does not lead to a healing effect. In this case, you might have to be resorting to steroids and immune system suppressants.

Gluten free diet appears to be the only acceptable solution to date. The complete elimination of food containing gluten allows for the normalization of the bowel function.

People suffering from intolerance to this protein must remember that each allergenic agent, even small amounts are sufficient to cause response from the body and hinder the healing process.

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