Female Hair Loss Treatment – how to prevent hair loss

female hair loss treatment

 Popular Home remedies for Female Hair Loss Treatment

One of the causes of hair loss in women is abnormal metabolism. Also, the process may provoke a state of stress, fear, depression, a general weakening of the body after a person transferred disease and heredity. To maintain the hair and prevent hair loss more than the norm per day (the norm – from 30 to 50, and the hairs a day), it is necessary to use some female hair loss treatment.

Female Hair Loss Treatment with rubbing castor oil

So, with all the favorite method – rubbing castor oil for hair. It is sold in pharmacies and even store household chemicals, so readily available and at a reasonable price. To apply castor oil, preheat it in a water bath, then apply with a cotton swab, or some other means. After applying the wrap head with a towel and polyethylene. Must keep for five hours. Then just wash your head. Repeat the procedure should be about two months, preferably before each washing of the head. But if you wash your hair every day – even through a one-two.

Female Hair Loss Treatment with the burdock juice

A popular way to save your hair can be called and the juice of burdock or cream from his roots. It should also be rubbed into the hair roots. First, you need to prepare a tincture of burdock root. To do this we take 20 grams of burdock root and pour one cup of hot boiled water. After this infusion boil down to half.

After that visceral fat in half with the resulting mass heats up and poured into an earthenware or ceramic pot at least, cover with a lid, and, in order to go did not get the air zaleplivaete test. Let it all languishing in the oven for several hours. After that, if left in the pot water, merge it and apply the resulting thickened mass in the hair roots. Wraps. So go for two hours, wash your hair with regular shampoo.

Female Hair Loss Treatment with egg shampoo

However, the popular treatment for hair loss involves other types of procedures. For example, an egg shampoo. This is done in eight to ten days. Just will beat egg with a small amount of lukewarm water in a glass. Then wash your hair as usual. Wet hair, poured their liquid egg, rubbed, especially basal area. The fact that merged into a bowl, pour over the head and rub into the roots. Then just rinse it all. In addition, you can rub the egg yolk into the roots, wrap, hold for 10 minutes, then thoroughly rinse the hair.

Female Hair Loss Treatment with fresh and flesh Onion bulb..…ooopsss..

But the least favorite, but very effective way to get rid of hair loss. We must take a juicy flesh onion bulb, turn it into mush, rubbed on a fine grater, then squeeze the juice out of it through cheesecloth. Stir in onion juice and a little melted honey and rub into the hair roots. Hair wrap bag and a towel. Endure an hour. Then simply wash your hair.

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