Fat in Food – When do we need it?

  Especially needed is  fat in food people who live in colder climates and at high altitudes.

   Experts recommend at low temperatures daily to eat little pieces of butter or other stodgy product.

   Accumulate in subcutaneous pulp and tissue surrounding the internal organs, fat provides thermal insulation of the body hereby reducing the risk of supercooli

  • Not incidentally many northern peoples consuming very oily fish, suffer less from atherosclerosis and hypertension. Scientists link this fact with the benefit of fish oil.

Fat in Food – where does the fat goes?

Fat accumulates in the composition of cells.  Therefore, limiting the fat might lead to injurious to the intellect.

   In case of insufficient use of fat students is possible impairment of concentration and attention to reducing the achievement.

Cholesterol is essential for the production of biologically active substances: various acids, and other sex hormones.

   If the body of a woman does not reach the fat can disappear her cycle and also becomes impossible pregnancy.

Fat in Food – why do I need some of the fat?

   Only with greasy food is to to absorb the fat-soluble vitamins A, E, D and K vitamins and fats that  are necessary for the growth of beautiful hair and healthy and smooth skin.

Some fatty acids are essential. We must get them from food because our bodies could not produce them itself.

   These fats are found in fish, flax seed oil and other vegetable products.

   They regulate the metabolism of cholesterol and are essential for our vessels.

Fat is important for proper formation of the body.

   In many poor people have an increased risk of osteoporosis and fractures. Therefore they must daily consume food containing milk and vegetable fat.

Very important is the composition of fatty foods.

   If we are not ready to give up “their rule” sweets, kebabs and refined vegetable oil, will contribute little benefit to healthy body.

The basic principle of modern dietetics is the more natural, the better. “





 Fat in Food – I have heard about the good, and the bad fats.

   This means that most are good fats that have not received any treatment. This fat composition of seeds, oily fish, natural cream.

So – do not fall for chips, crackers, biscuits and other confectionery, composed of 30 to 50% contain trans fats.

Do not give up the fat in food

Old school Dietology recommended nutrition without the use of fat.

You should not give up on milk fat.

   As milk contains about 20 fatty acids with high biological value, as best utilize yoghurt products with normal fat content.

Many useful products are rich in omega-3 unsaturated fatty acids – flax seed oil and marine fish.

   Has been shown that these acids are important for prevention of atherosclerosis.

   Try at least once a week to eat fish. Add in the food mixture of vegetable fat to get a variety of fatty acids.

Most useful health is derived from unrefined oil. If you do not like his taste, every day you can drink it instead of olives, avocados, seeds or nuts.

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