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This chapter describes a rigid diet and way out of it, which were held by the author of these lines in the summer of 1991.

Began a rigid diet on Monday, as usual, many begin. Rations I chose are very rigid – 500 cal per day.

That’s why he named his diet hard. However, the term suggested by other authors, since the Internet the phrase “strict diet” occurs quite frequently.

 fasting to lose weight loss

Fasting to Lose Weigh-low calorie foods menu.

The main part of his daily diet consumed by the evening (it turned a little animal protein, a spoon of vegetable oil, a little carbohydrate), and the principal amount of food was provided mostly low calorie vegetables (cabbage, radishes, turnips, salad), which are eaten during the day.

The initial days of the diet were the most painful, and then gradually got used to the body.

   In the first days of discharge was noted rapid weight loss, as much as a kilogram a day. But the author is well aware that this is simply reduced mass of food and water in the digestive tract.

   Starting from the fourth day, the weight began to fall relatively slowly.

Fasting to Lose Weight – what about physical activity?

Physical activity during and after the strict diet she was quite sufficient: in the morning walking to work – 8 km and then walk in the evening from work – still the same.

   The combination of diet with the load allowed to drop at least 200 grams of fat per day.

Well-being was generally satisfactory, but sometimes there is weakness, fatigue. By the way, despite the hot summer weather, the author did not feel the heat.

   This is explained by the fact that the body is trying to save energy and not produce excessive heat.

The second week was easier than the first. Apparently, the body gradually adapted to the strict diet.

Fasting to Lose Weight -what about  the Diet Discharge?

The ninth day there was a discharge – the author has eaten the whole day only 100 calories (vegetables). And while health was relatively good.

On the tenth day of fasting to lose weight, in the evening marked acetonemia, which was the cause of severe physical exercise during the day and lack of carbohydrates.

   Of course, physical training – a great help in the fight against excess fat on a diet but can not be zealous.

Unloading during the day and became the twelfth day of the fasting to lose weight.(for example, the Ninth). Then the author felt that in these days of fat faster.

   But later on, becoming a doctor, he figured out that these health measures are not useful, and it is better not to.

   After disposal of fats to at least a small amount of carbohydrates, and if they do not (eg, similar to fasting days during a rigid diet, or starvation), the body is forced to spend tissue proteins, in order to get a bit of glucose.

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