Fasting to Lose Weight – How to Fast.

It is interesting that during the saturation on the strict diet of eating this fact occurred rather quickly: eat a little bit – and I am already full.

fasting to lose weight

Fasting to Lose Weight during the Holidays

   However, after an hour , the famine could again make itself felt.

The most difficult days for the author was on Saturday and Sunday – days when he was at home.

   Whatever you say, the execution of the strict diet while at work was easier.

Fifteenth day of the diet was the blood donor day in the afternoon. The author passed 420 ml of blood, and was feeling was good, despite the half-starved state.

A few days after giving blood  author measured his blood pressure – 105/60 mm Hg. Art. These reduced figures are understandable – energy supply has been reduced.

After three weeks of strict diet and fasting to lose weight the author summarized the interim results.

   The average daily caloric intake was 475 cal and body mass were dropped over the past few days as much as 8 kg/16 lbs!

  However, not all lost weight was fat.

   However, due to the good result it was decided to terminate the strict diet and to begin a gradual withdrawal from it.

Thus, the fourth week of the diet was chosen as standard supply is 900 calories. He felt  it was good, and weight during the week is relatively stable. However, weight loss did not stop.

Started raising gradually the daily calories intake- about 300-400 calories a week.

   Still is losing some body weight at the same time, albeit slowly, but still  managed to lose weight.

Interestingly, only on the thirtieth day of the fasting to lose weight diet author first heard the compliment that he actually did lose weight.

   It is clear that the fact that strict diet he kept secret from others was so anymore.

At its forty-fourth day of the diet author said – lost exactly 20 pounds! And then the weight no longer decreases.

For how long should i keep the Fasting To Lose Weight?

   But still continued to forcibly restrict daily caloric intake at about 2000 cal to “keep” the result achieved.

And the efforts were successful. Because of this gradual exit from the strict diet there was no phenomenon of rollback, that is rapid weight gain after discharge of the diet.

   And over time the weight remained at current levels. Before you decide to try Fasting to lose weight you should consult a doctor , unless you alone are one or you are quite familiar on the subject.

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