Erectile Dysfunction Young Men – how this condition affects  your Life?

Erectile dysfunction is the inability to achieve or maintain an erection good enough for a satisfying sexual relationship.

It is directly related to the presence of cardiovascular disease, coronary, hypertension, high cholesterol and fat, atherosclerosis and diabetes.

Erectile Dysfunction Yong Men


It is important to note that smoking is a risk factor for erectile dysfunction because it can generate atherosclerotic lesions in the arteries that supply the penis.



Erectile Dysfunction Young Men and How it affects the relationship.

This condition also affects the emotional and life partner.

The silence before this male health problem generates a strong emotional and affective disruption that plagues and distance  the couple, causing distrust and discomfort even up to the separation.

To deal with erectile dysfunction should see a health professional who will provide the most appropriate treatment for your mens health problems in a comprehensive manner.

He will  to help improve male sexual function and provide you with the best health remedies in your particular case.

Erectile Dysfunction Young Men  and the treatment options.

Currently there are effective treatment options that improve sexual function by tripling the duration of erection in patients with erectile dysfunction.

Stress or nerves are the main causes of this disease in young people’s sexual rights listed in the WAS guarantee access to health care

Sexual health in young people is often a taboo subject that the World Association for Sexual Health has sought to demystify young people dedicating the second edition of its World Day.

Erectile dysfunction or inability to maintain an erection to allow completion of intercourse is not a problem exclusively associated with old age as commonly thought. And, the data show that more young men also suffer from this disease.

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