Erectile Dysfunction Young Men – how common is it?

Of course, while most of the time erectile dysfunction occurs in men over forty years, there are physical causes leading to this pathology.Erectile Dysfunction Young Men Solution

Such as vascular or neurological diseases, psychological causes are often the most frequent among the population and especially a problems that affects the younger mens health.

In this sense, stress, nerves or pressure that can lead to early sex, often the main causes of the emergence of this disease at that age.

Erectile Dysfunction Young Men – how widespread it is?

For this reason, because young people are also protagonists of these issues and sometimes you forget, the celebration on 4 September -it is World Health Day.

Is the motto of this day?

“Sexual health of young people. Rights and responsibilities”, a slogan chosen by the World Association for Sexual Health (WAS), the organization behind the celebration for the second year of this event, which gave kick off a project that has only just begun.

Erectile Dysfunction Young Men -how many countries support the initiative?

Behind this initiative, there is a young man. This is Antonio Castellanos, a 26 year old Mexican who chairs next to Esther Corona Vargas, executive coordinator of the WAS, the Committee for Youth Initiative.

Along with Castevanos, ten young people from nine different countries completed the organizing committee of this event which was celebrated worldwide.

Thus, while Mexico was the country that planned activities and talks, countries like Sweden, Lebanon, Cuba and Italy pushed for this day celebrate in style. Even in Cuba were carried out several plays.

Erectile Dysfunction Young Men – the need for Sexual attention

It should be noted that according to World Health Organization (WHO), sexual health is “a state of physical, emotional, mental and social issues related to sexuality and not just the absence of disease, dysfunction or disability.”

For this reason, for sexual health and the need for health remedies is a reality, the Web enabled the occasion of World Health Sexual Organization  contains eleven basic sexual rights of all people.

Rights which, according to the institution he leads Margaret Chan, “must be respected, protected and fulfilled.”

Among all these basic sexual rights set from the World Association for Sexual Health in the World Day Sexual Health Website, highlights the right of people to care that it says the organizers of the World Day ” must be available for the prevention and treatment of all problems, concerns and sexual disorders. “

Similarly, this website also features the right to information based on scientific knowledge, a law intended to ensure both the freedom of research and its proper dissemination later.

And it is precisely there, in this work to guarantee health care and reliable information, the clinician has a responsibility and an important work.

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