Erectile Dysfunction Solutions And Healthy Lifestyle.

Healthy eating and increased physical activity leads to improve erectile functions and greater mens health, suggests a meta-analysis.

erectile dysfunction solutionsThis analysis includes six tests in a total of 740 was published online this September 12 in the Archives of Internal Medicine.

Co-author Dr. Stephen Kopecky document told heartwire: “basic changes in lifestyle can be quite effective health solutions and seem to help with erectile dysfunction.

This includes 10% weight loss, eat your 5 servings a day of vegetables and fruits, and smoking cessation. ” He said the exercise was particularly associated with

improvements in erectile dysfunction: “Exercise for 20 to 30 minutes five times a week has a great effect, but only 10 minutes of vigorous exercise three times a week also benefits.”

Erectile Dysfunction Solutions and the Risk of heart attack.

The researchers noted that erectile dysfunction is a marker of coronary artery disease, with an average time between the dysfunction and the presentation of this disease in two to five years.




So the warning of the association with coronary risk factors may provide an opportunity for early identification of modifiable risk factors interventions in lifestyle.

Men with erectile dysfunction represent a specific population can be motivated to adapt to a healthy lifestyle to improve their sexual health.

Men do not walk Concerned about Heart Disease, but if you can not worry about having sex or Alzheimer’s Kopecky said: “If you start lecturing a man about heart disease, do not pay attention.

Everyone knows someone who has had a heart attack have a stent, and returns to the golf course in one or two weeks.

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But when you say that the risk factors for heart disease are the same as for erectile dysfunction and dementia, was immediately interested.

Men walk not worried about heart disease, but if they care if they can not have sex or if they may develop Alzheimer’s.

He says that doctors in general need to make the connection between erectile dysfunction and heart disease and refer patients with erectile dysfunction to cardiologist, especially young men with this problem. “

Erectile Dysfunction Solutions with the different age.

If a man presents with erectile dysfunction of 60, your risk of heart disease increases by 1.3. But if a man of 40 have erectile dysfunction, is 50 times more risk of getting heart disease and need to start preventive action. “

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