Erectile Dysfunction Solutions – when are they most effective?

erectile dysfunction soutionsMeta-analysis results show that positive changes in lifestyle are associated with improvement in erectile dysfunction and lead to progressing towards better mens health, in general.

The score of 2.7 points of the International Index of Erectile Function (IIEF), which proponents say could qualify as a clinically important difference of mild erectile dysfunction, it may not be translated into clinically important differences for moderate to severe erectile dysfunction.

Erectile Dysfunction Solutions and the different oral therapies.

In comparison, oral therapies phosphodiesterase inhibitor-5 (PDE-5) as sildenafil (Viagra, Pfizer) may cause an IIEF score of 5 improvements of 7 to 10 points.

But some men do not respond to these drugs and in this present study, the reduction of cardiovascular risk factors even improve erectile dysfunction in men unresponsive to PDE-5 inhibitors. “

And changes in lifestyle will improve the effect of Viagra”, the Doctors say. The rest of the used health remedies and cures will also have better effect in this case, too.

When drugs such as statins were excluded from clinical evaluation tests, the improvement of erectile dysfunction only changes in lifestyle was statistically significant (improvement of 2.4 points).

A Strong Argument for Making Changes to reaching the Erectile Dysfunction Solutions.



In an accompanying editorial, Drs Moreno and Thomas Pearson Militza (School of Medicine and Dentistry, University of Rochester, New York) reported that erectile dysfunction is a major cause of the reduction or harm to the quality of life in the U.S., affecting millions of men.

“The availability of a healthy lifestyle to reduce the severity of erectile dysfunction (or prevent it from happening) should be a strong and persuasive argument that many make these changes.”



Erectile Dysfunction Solutions and the solution from the study:

They conclude: “Both clinicians in private practice and public health must ensure that the benefits of efforts to the change in lifestyle are tremendously positive and rising, we must renew our efforts to help patients will give life to your years, as well as years to their lives.

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