Effective Acne Treatment – how to get rid of Acne at Home?

Many times you  you can treat acne at home, and you can control the spread of the pimples that so much compromise our women health and beauty. There are several ways to treat the easiest is to buy a kit like Proactive, Neutrogena and L’Oreal Paris.
effective acne treatment
These kits include cleaner and treatment creams.

Effective Acne Treatment – more options to treat acne.

Another option is to use:

  • 1 – Effective Acne Treatment – A cleanser with salicylic acid as Clearasil acne or cleaners for other brands. The face or places where you have acne are cleaned at least twice a day gently without damaging skin.
  • 2 – Effective Acne Treatment with benzoic peroxide cream – at night and morning, a thin layer where you you tend to get acne. The ideal concentration according to studies is 3% but the creams are generally 5% or 10%.
  • Try using 3 or 5% because the higher the concentration are abusing the skin. These creams are OXY, Clearasil and private brands at Walmart, Target, CVS and other similar stores.
  • 3 – If you go to the doctor this also will recommend another effective acne treatment – a cream containing retinoic acid like Retin A or Adifferin (Differin) used at night and benzoic peroxide cream is used during the day. These creams dry skin at first but are effective.

Effective Acne Treatment – what about the sunscreens?

4 – If you are using previous creams use sunscreen and avoid strong sun hours.

5 – You can use a clay mask you can do it once or twice a week. These cleanse the pores.

Effective Acne Treatment Acne and self esteem.

Acne is not a disease or condition that is dangerous, but sure is unpleasant. Especially in youth causes many problems of self-esteem and appreciation for their bodies, this is the worst result of acne.

Some young people tend to get depressed or get sad. Do not let this happen to you. There are many healthy natural  remedies you can use for effective acne treatment, do not get discouraged.

Today there are many effective acne treatment solutions and going  to the dermatologist is not really that expensive, especially considering the benefits.

But do not postpone your happiness until you remove the acne and get back  your normal life. Or at least learn how to use effective acne treatment procedures to control the outbreaks.


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