Ducan Diet – How to Lose Weight Fast and Keep it off!

 Ducan Diet was developed by the french nutritionist Pierre Ducan. He created an original method of losing weight, which has many followers throughout the world

Ducan Diet

How She Lost Weight?

Ducan diet  is rather large and requires careful consideration. It is very difficult to describe the proposed system of well-known doctor in the one article, however, we will try to do it.

Ducan Diet:The main provisions .

In the strict observance of all requirements, this diet provides lasting results.

   It is based on the fact that the human body is able to dispense with long carbohydrate and fat, but that’s not enough normal vital activity of proteins is virtually impossible.

   Low protein content in food consumed leads to catastrophic consequences – the body begins to use its own muscle tissue.

   That’s why Dr. Ducane offers a time to exclude from the diet of the first two items and give preference to protein foods.

   This technique does not impose a weight-loss limits on portions and use them for a while – you might as well eat after 18.00 and not gain an ounce. Diet consists of 4 stages. We consider each of them.

   Ducan Diet: The first stage (start):

   Duration of first stage:

When excess weight less than 10kg – 3 days
When excess weight is 10-20 kg – 3-5 days
When excess weight  is 20-30 kg – 5-7 days
When excess weight is 30 kg and over-5-10 days

Eat it all the time would have pure protein. Starting phase can lose 2-6 kg weight loss.

Foods that are necessary to use (they can have up to saturation, without worrying about the size portions):

• The kidneys, liver, and veal and beef tongue
• Low-fat varieties of poultry, meat and fish (cook meals for their participation is no added fat from the skin and have to give up)
• Seafood
• Non-greasy, natural ham
• Eggs
• Low-fat dairy products (less than 800 g per day)
• Liquid (water, herbal tea, coffee, diet cola) – 2 L
• Condiments (mustard, salt, vinegar)
• Lemon
• Pickles
• oat and wheat bran (2 tbsp and 1 tbsp respectively)

Ducan Diet: The second stage (striping).

In the second stage to the above first phase of the diet is to add vegetables such as:

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