Does Size Matter – is a larger penis  better than smaller?

For decades, this topic is hotly debated, the Internet has finally given a chance to interview women around the globe: Is my penis big enough?

doe size matter

During the writing of this article, different forums, chat rooms and formal interviews were examined.

The analysis showed very consistent results, a small penis is undesirable in the female vagina (less than 12.5 cm and 11.5 cm in size) whereas the majority of women on a penis with dimensions of up to 28 cm in length and enjoy 15 18 cm circumference.

A detailed assessment of the investigation it here for future reference:

Does Size Matter  – Women do not like :

  • A penis that is shorter than 12.5 cm or less than 11.5 cm circumference has.
  • Furthermore, women have refused to categorically large penis, and this from a circumference of 18.5 cm with no matter what length. Does size matter?

Are most of the women happy with their partners size?

If you’re still worried, consider that 85 percent of women reported they were happy with their partner’s size.

Okay, British researchers are one thing. But what do real women think about penis size and what do they think think is the ideal penis size?

We asked two of our favorite women, Nicole Beland, former “Girl Next Door,” and Debby Herbenick, Ph.D., the Men’s Health “Sex Professor” to for their take on penis size.

What Women Want and Does Size Matter?

  • Most women preferred a penis with a length of 17.5 to 28 cm and chose this size as most enjoyable.
  • The second place women chose the size range between 20 cm in length and a circumference of 14.5 – 17.8 cm.
  • The most interesting group was the one that penis size assessed as very satisfactory but not ideal. The majority chose the length from 15.3 to 22.9 cm with the extent of 14.6 – 17 cm.
  • The most hotly contested site was characterized by the lowest variance within the group.
  •  In this group, the ideal penis length was 18.5 – 21 cm with a circumference of 15.8 – 16.5 cm indicated.

Unfortunately there is no scientific studies that point to the same connections as the study of shows, but when you consider the number of women and their behavior into account, there is only a probable conclusion.

A large penis with a large diameter gets much more points- so, does size matter?




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