Does Size  Matter – Or Not??!

Does size matter?? Have you ever thought about it? Sometimes you will so many various opinions about it, your head will start spinning..

The never ending problem for all men will always be the issue of mens penis size.

No matter where you look no matter where you go, in media and television there will always be some kind of reference that brings up the subject or mens penis size.

On TV and movies girls go wild for the guy who is obviously well endowed.



does size matter

Does Size  Matter – what do we see on the TV?

They even have the cheesy commercials where the hot babes advertise their magic penis pills making the claims that all women secretly wanting a bigger, manlier man.

Whether any of this is true or not men have probably wondered, “Does size matter to girls?”

MOST men have some level of size self esteem. If you do….it’s ok, too! 

Some studies suggest that up to 80% of men are concerned about their mens penis size, and their ability to please their partner as a result.

More than half of men are actively looking for size “solutions” to fix it….and the penis enlargement pill business does hundreds of MILLIONS of dollars in sales per year.

Does size matter?

Sure it might but not in the context that many would think. Every girl has their own personal preference of what they find attractive, and contrary to what the media might be putting into our heads not all women think and act the same way.

It would be like saying all men prefer “only” tall blonde girls, and that certainly is not the case at all.


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