Does Jelqing Work – Is it Reality or Myth?

Does Jelqing Work – is that the question everyone should ask before launching any penis exercises program?

Does Jelqing Work

She Is Happy Now..

Before you start with the penis enlargement exercises, you have to measure the length and the girth of your penis.

This way you will be able to measure and track the progress you are making.

In addition to this, you have to keep in mind that in order to achieve the desired results you have to stick to the instructions provided in the manual.

If you follow the step by step approach you will also avoid any potential injures to your precious mens organ.

Does Jelqing Work if it is applied correctly?

Many times people approach a program or manual the wrong way. If you really want to build bigger penis, as the system you are using describes, then you just simply have to stick to it.

Do not be tempted to skip a step or two along the way. All of the elements in the plan are equally important and they are all linked up in a sequence of actions.

Does Jelqing work – what is the proper way to measure your penis length and width?

I would give you a piece of advice. You shave to shave your pubic hair. First, this is more hygienic and second, you will be able to take more accurate measurements.

Here is another Tip: The shaved pubic hair creates the visual effect that you have bigger penis.

Length measure

jelqing penis enlargement


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You have to measure your penis in both states: flaccid and erect. With the penis flaccid, position the ruler at the end of the penis and with the other hand reach into the stomach.

When erect: Position the roller onto the pubic bone. The penis itself has to be parallel to the floor. Reach as far as possible with the end of ruler to the tip of the mens penis.

How To Boost My Size Even Further Using Sizegenetics Penis Extender?

Penis exercise using penis health exercise program is an awesome way to boost your size. The question is:

Do you want to get on the fast track , and speed up your results? Gain even more penis girth and length?

What Is The Sizegenetics Extender Device?


The SizeGenetics  gadget is a penis extender, however it can easily also go by other names such as the penis stretcher and the penis enlarger. They have been around for decades, and work by placing a steady tension along the penis, and thus promoting it to expand.

This tension carefully pulls on the penis over a long period of time, encouraging cell duplication to happen, where new cells are produced to aid accommodate the penises’ brand-new extension.

Why should I use Sizegenetics?

  • Can easily Expand The Penis By Inches
  • Is Used By Penis Enlargement Surgeons
  • Can Assist Straighten Curvatures In The Penis
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The most important question: Does SizeGenetics Work?

The answer is – Yes.

The SizeGenetics  gadget is based upon actual science, and this approach of lengthening is made use of in other medical and ethnic procedures. Thanks to this innovation, limb stretching procedures are possible to aid people by having stunted arms or legs.

SizeGenetics Now Includes Also Jelqing Exercises

And The

PenisHealth DVDs.

does jelqing work - penis health with sizegeentics

In fact the early on versions of this tool were utilized by penis enlargement surgeons to help give their customers the very best results from their penis enlargement surgical treatments.

Exactly what Are The Advantages Of Using SizeGenetics?

  • Are able to expand the penis by inches
  • Can easily help align curvatures in the penis
  • Is utilized by real penis enlargement surgeons
  • Is a Medical Type 1 Tool
  • Is clinically tested and available for men of all ages
  • Is supported by a published medical research
  • Can assist grow your confidence in the bedroom by extending your penis
  • Is endorsed by crucial medical experts all over the world
  • Has over 16 effective years in the market

Quick delivery from distribution depots in the UK and US
TELEVISION & magazine protection. Consisting of GQ Journal & Channel 4 in the UK

Visit SizeGenetics Website

Is the Sizegenetics Penis Extender Comfortable?

The SizeGenetics traction device has a 16 Means Convenience Strap, meaning that the devicecan be used in 16 different means.

Most extenders only provide you one means to don theirs, and if the tool is uncomfortable, your consumers are not going to see results. In addition to this, the tool uses a MDA (multi directional angling) design and consists of Traction And Powder and Revita Cream to make the experience also more comfy.



To Name Just Few of the Sizegenetics Recognitions:

1/ Registered and Medically Backed

2/ The SizeGenetics device is an entirely signed up medical kind 1 device, which has the medical backing of numerous specialists that are professionals in the speciality of sexual health and wellness.

Bonuses and Benefits by having SizeGenetics:

Below are couple of the explanations why the SizeGenetics Ultimate System is top alternative:

  • sizegenetics device strap16 Convenience Strap + Velcro X Strap

Thanks to these straps, SizeGenetics has been designed to be the MANY COMFY extender readily available to buy today.

Convenience implies customers can easily using the gadget for longer and may see outcomes much faster.

  • FREE Penis Health DVD

sizegenetics penis health
When you  purchases SizeGenetics system, you will also get Penis Health, a penis health program which has shown to aid improve erection size, strength & power!
Crucial for individuals like you who want to have a sex-life running like a wild hog…..!



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