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“Cohen Diet” , or the The Diet of Dr. Jean-Michel Cohen is built on a principle – eat everything but in small quantities and increase energy expenditure, so you that you lose weight.

   No wonder there is sanity somewhere in the Weight Loss world. So he explained his program, deliberately avoided the word “diet”.

For Dr. Cohen is important that each person with weight problems, has to “reprogram” how to eat right and select  meals and to eat with optimal quantities of it to avoid frustration.

Brief summary of the Cohen Diet:

  • An Individual Program, based on international research which was started over 25 years ago in the USA, Europe and South Africa by Dr Cohen and his Research Partners.
  • Dr Cohen assesses, monitors and deals with each client’s Eating Plan personally.
  • The Program is called a “Rapid Fat and Weight Loss Program!” It helps the client rapidly reduce fat and overall weight in a safe and healthy way, while it firms the muscles, tones and shapes the body!
  • It is not a calorie based, neither a high protein diet. It is a balanced Eating Plan and you do not have to starve yourself on the program!
  • No exotic foods are needed. You may eat all types of food on the program, including various types of red/white meat, fish, vegetables, fruit, dairy products such as cheese and yoghurt etc.
  • No “injections” or “tonics” or “pills” are involved… your food becomes your “medicine” so food quantities and combinations become very important.


Bet on fruit and vegetables

The diet focuses on fruit and vegetables, raw or cooked, with almost unlimited quantities for consumption. What is the argument?

Fruits and vegetables allow you to eat large quantities of them and feel satisfied without increasing calories.
Three seducers – chocolate, bread and wine do not deny? Completely.

   If you get tired of eating fruits and vegetables can be varied with a? chocolate or glass of wine
Prohibited: soft drinks or alcohol. They should be replaced smineralna water, teas

Dr. Jean-Michel Cohen offers three weight loss programs that allow to melt weight at different speeds.

The “Express” – allows you within 600 calories a day to Lose weight of 2-3 kg for the first two weeks. The program should not be used long term weight loss.

Program “Quick Weight Loss” – allows you within 900 calories a day to download 1.5-2 kg for the first two weeks and then 2.5-3 kg for the next two weeks

Program “Comfort” – allows within 1400 calories a day to lose 1.5 – 2 kg per month for at least 3 months.

Important details of the diet:

Menu “soup” is too restrictive and should be used no more than 1-2 days.

Program by Dr. Jean-Michel Cohen is flexible and it can rotate as follows: 1400 calories a day for days with 900 calories.

Types of menus from the regime of Dr. Cohen

Menu “soup” (600 calories per day)

Morning: banana milkshake, pear (yogurt 0%)
Lunch: 300 g 0% fat cheese with chives and zucchini optional
Dinner: soup of leeks, potatoes and pears

Menu “fast food” (900 calories per day)

Morning tea without sugar, sour milk 1% fat
Lunch: Vegetables, optionally with lemon, vinegar, mustard, onions …
125 g cooked fish fillet (or lean)
300 grams broccoli, natural..


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