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the cohen diet

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100 grams of cheese 0% fat, 150 g unsweetened compote.

Dinner: 200 g radishes natural
2 poached eggs with herbs
300g green beans, natural

25 g natural cheese

2 kiwi

   Starchy foods are permitted from time to time, preferably in the evening to promote sleep and suppress the feeling of hunger. In this case, dinner will be made from 200 g wheat pasta or rice, and fruit.

   Menu “comfort” (1400 calories per day)

   Morning: 1 croissant, 1 kiwi fruit, 1 cup milk 0%
   Lunch: grilled red mullet with zucchini, 200 g broccoli, strawberries and lemon
   Dinner: fish in the oven with dill, 50 g cheese with less than 50% fat, 1 compote

   Potatoes (without fat), pasta and sandwiches are also eligible, provided they are included in a balanced diet, i.e as a garnish for a main dish, not just eat a sandwich.

  Advantages and disadvantages of the Cohen Diet:

The main advantage of this diet is the wide variety of foods offered and the lack of formal prohibitions.

   However, plans for 600 and 900 calories per day, although they very attractive and  efficient , they can lead to fatigue. In addition, they can be monotonous for  long term weight loss.
As always, to stabilize the weight after the diet change is needed in eating habits.

   Established habits must be kept, which of course requires a certain rigor and discipline.

Check out also this example menu:

The Cohen program is much easier to follow than I thought and I am very excited to return to my walking program, which I think will only help in my weight loss and toning.

Tip: Add Kiwi to your fruits, if you haven’t already… a big reason is, ‘Kiwifruit also serves as a natural blood thinner. A recent study performed at the University of Oslo in Norway reveals that–similar to popular mainstream aspirin therapy-consuming two to three kiwifruit daily for 28 days significantly thins the blood, reducing the risk of clots, and lowers fat in the blood that can cause blockages.[10]’

Todays Menu:

M1 – Yogurt with chopped Kiwi 1L Water
S1 – Apple w/ Crackers and Tea
M2 – Chicken with Cauliflower 1L Water
S2 – Apple w/Crackers
M3 – Chicken with Spinach 1L Water



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