Chronic Constipation Remedies – easy solutions to end the Constipation

Tips on how to get rid of Constipation with simple Chronic Constipation Remedies.


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To get rid of intestinal atony and chronic constipation , I recommend a few simple tools:

1. Rather than put a laxative in the evening (two hours after a meal, not before) enema. And in the morning on an empty stomach drink 1-2 glasses of cold but not ice cold water with a pinch of common salt. Eat breakfast no earlier than one hour. So do each day, gradually begins to work the stomach itself. Then put an enema at least, and, finally, once every two weeks.

Chronic Constipation Remedies – belly massage:

In the morning, still lying in bed, do a massage: wrap a wet cold cloth well wrung out, right hand and move it, not pushing hard, on the right side of the abdomen from the bottom up to the edge, since 5-10. Then massage your left hand (also in the wet rag) the left side of the abdomen down to push the feces out of the large intestine to the rectum, too many times. Repeat these manipulations alternately 3-4.

After the massage, dress and take a walk or just a little walk around the house, and then sit on the boat and sit quietly, with no attempts, while the stomach gets its act together. So day after day. First, for the stomach and intestines do nothing, leave them alone until the next day, in any case without using a laxative. The next day, repeat the massage, and gradually  the stomach begins  to work well.

Enema used as Chronic Constipation Remedies

Chronic constipation when laxatives have no enhanced the peristaltic  nor have given good results, it should be done once or twice a month, a thorough washing of the colon to rid it of accumulations of dirt.

Doing it this way: On the first day an enema from a bottle of warm water. The next day, put two bottles. Then skip the day and put the four bottles. In the water each time add a bit of common salt or soda. It gives excellent results. Such washing for six months cures the most stubborn constipation.

More about Enema and Chronic Constipation Remedies

Take half a cup of any vegetable oil and let it slowly at night from a small syringe into the anus. (Well make it through the long rubber tip deeper into the intestine). This enema should remain until the morning. When the stomach to normal, oily enema to stop and replace them with conventional pure water, and then stop and do an enema.

You can use these Chronic Constipation Remedies:

In the morning on an empty stomach to eat fresh or dried 1.2 peach. If they are there day after day, for a month or two, you can even get rid of chronic constipation.

Drinking on an empty stomach in the morning two glasses of water with a teaspoon of baking soda.

Fasting: eat two raw apple with skin. In the morning two hours before breakfast, dissolve in two glasses of boiling water with two teaspoons of bran on horseback, to swell and good to eat as porridge.




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Food, increases peristalsis and bowel by preventing constipation:

All cold drinks, especially milk, ice cream, brew, and more. Salt and salty foods.

Honey, molasses, lactose, sweeteners in general, but not flour, sweet dishes, like muffins, cookies and more.

Gruborastitelnaya foods: rye bread (especially), fruit peel, vegetable fiber with a solid – beets, turnips, radish, buckwheat.

Yogurt, sour mare’s milk, plums, cherries, apricots, currants, sorrel, tomatoes, cabbage, white wine – anything that contains organic acids.

Food, which reduces peristalsis and leads Chronic constipation:

Any hot drink – tea, coffee, water and so on.

Binders containing tannin, – cocoa, red wine.

Rice and barley broth, jelly with potato flour, fresh white bread, all sorts of pies, pastry dishes, especially in hot form.


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