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Celiac disease has four clinical forms:

A typical form of celiac disease.

Develop a few months supply. Symptoms include growth retardation, chronic diarrhea, vomiting and bloating, swelling. Children become irritable and capricious.

Atypical form of celiac disease

This form of disease occurs later, the symptoms are non-digestive tract: frequent abdominal pain, increased liver transminazi, destruction of tooth enamel, discoloration of the teeth, menstrual disorders, seizures, ulcers.

   In preschool children the most common symptoms are painful skin rash or short stature.

Hidden celiac disease

Can be found by chance during a review because of other complaints.

Potential celiac disease

In people suffering from Down syndrome, Turner or Williams or diabetes after studies can establish latent celiac disease.

   In this case it is necessary to observe strict diet. Ignoring the problem could lead to intestinal lesion.

Diagnosis depends on the type of celiac disease. If there are prominent symptoms is sufficient to do a blood test.

   The most used is the blood test in which antibodies are detected antitransglutaminazni of class IgA.

   Although not used as often and is highly effective test for the Study of antigliadinovi antibodies. However, these tests are not sufficient. It is necessary to make the intestinal biopsy.

In this procedure

the help of an endoscope is use to take a tissue sample from the intestine.

   If histological examination shows atrophy of the hairs, the diagnosis has been made with confidence.

Regardless of which type of treatment is applied for Celiac disease there is only one – a strict gluten free diet.

   The sooner you start to implement it, the faster you will recover the normal structure of intestinal mucous membrane you, the symptoms will disappear and the results of blood tests will be normal .


   It is important to remember that this diet is not temporary.

   You’ll need to keep constantly in order not to risk their health.

Maybe you think this scary and hard to implement? Do not worry.

   Although this is a specific diet, you can keep your quality of life i great shape.


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