Celiac Disease – How to Eat Healthy?

We suggest you familiarize yourself with the basic principles of having gluten free diet.

Eating lots of fruits and vegetables – 5 times a day – is mandatory.

Vegetables can be fresh or prepared in any way. Note that belong to them and legumes.

   Feel free to distribute them on the menu for the day so taking 3 servings of vegetables and 2 servings of fruit. They let you obtain the necessary vitamins and minerals and are a source of cellulose, which improves metabolism.

Meat and fish you can eat once a day, do not forget to check which ones are in the group of safe food. Eggs you can eat two to three times a week. So your body procure all trace elements, vitamin B complex and the proteins it needs.

Dairy products have to eat every day – one – two servings of 120 grams each, to get calcium, protein and vitamin B2.

   The best milk and cheese are low fat.

Extend to the basic problem – tested. For many people it is difficult to give up bread and pasta.

   It is not necessary. It is important not contain gluten.

   It is important that every day and every meal on the table that you have to be at least one pastry and rice and potatoes, it will ensure your important body carbohydrate and cellulose.

Fats and condiments you can eat moderately every day.

   More useful for you are fat of plant origin, but you can use the animal, too.

These basic principles can be added a few more tips that apply (most of them) for patients with celiac disease, and all other people who strive to eat healthy.

  • Drink at least 2 liters of water per day.
  •    Do not overdo it with sodas, focus on fruit and vegetable juices.
  • Limit fried foods.
  • Limit salt and focus on fresh herbs.
  • Reduce sugar.
  • Eat moderate amounts of alcohol.
  • You can experiment with recipes provided each to replace dangerous for your gluten free foods.
  • Enjoy the food. Eat slowly.

The advantages of strict compliance with gluten free diet are:

  • All symptoms disappear.
  • Restore normal bowel condition.
  • Regaining lost weight.
  • Feel good mental and physical condition.

As you can see gluten-free menu, you do not have major limitations, or deprived of your favorite flavors.

   Just forces you to eat a balanced and healthy. As should eat every one of us.


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