Causes of Allergies -what is the reason behind it?

Further, everything depends on the conditions in which a person lives. If there are factors contributing to the emergence of allergy, it would appear anyway.

causes of allergies

JustOne Possible Allergy

Since these factors are many and they are constantly around us, yet there are ways to use some some simple health remedies to boost your health.

In practice we deal with the Allergy as an epidemic.

Causes of Allergies and reasons for Allergies spike today.

But after some time arose a suspicion that only genetics can not explain such a rapid increase in Allergy and  allergic diseases worldwide.

Indeed, it is difficult to imagine that the genotype has changed so much over the past 150-200 years.

In 1819 the Englishman John Bostock for the first time describe in detail the symptoms of hay fever, try them on yourself, after nine years he found another 18 similar cases, but 170 years later on average each person on Earth was suffering from allergy.

Moreover, some data from the mid-60’s of XX century, every decade the amount of alergitsite doubles. For example, in U.S. 40 million people are suffering from asthma, not to mention eczema and seasonal rhinitis.

Before you decide what the causes of allergies are, look a bit further.

Perhaps, the statistics are greatly exaggerated? Or, in medical terms, we see hyperdiagnostics?

this is entirely possible, since the symptoms that characterize these diseases are not very specific.

After all, blow, cough and runny nose may be manifestations of various diseases, and sometimes it is utterly impossible to accurately diagnose. Eczema and dermatitis are not only allergic.

But even if these figures are not accurate compared to XIX century they increased dramatically to blame for everything hiperdiagnostics.

Causes of allergies, and more specifically Environmental Allergies?

Besides hereditary, the surface lies the so-called theory of environmental allergies. It is obvious that in recent decades has radically altered the environment and that is logical to assume that our organisms respond actively to attack on absolute mass not native substances.

But causes of allergies are not nitric oxide, carbon and sulfur, which are full of our cities, and by pollen from trees and plants from animals, food or house dust.

Many of these allergens have existed a hundred years ago.

Now it has actually increased the concentration of chemicals in the air, and they both say Allergists intensify the activity of natural allergens (eg pollen from plants decomposes into smaller particles and better penetrate the body).

Causes of allergies in the modern world and foods to avoid.

Furthermore, it is strongly changed our ration – we often eat and cooked products with various preservatives and chemical additives.

This is so, but why there are so many allergic rate among insured people in rich countries with high living standards, however, they have grown up in beautiful houses in the nature and eat expensive products grown under the rules of organic farming?

In Sweden and Canada environmental situation is bad and food products are high in quality, yet there are many allergy sufferers.

There are other versions. Some doctors like to tell the unfortunate parents that their child has an allergy occurred because his mother is probably something that was sick of during pregnancy is wrong foods.

What happens next is some cleaning of the house, and a little child is walking around with a fresh air. The causes of allergies seems to disappear.

In 1989 British medic David Statechy made the “hygiene hypothesis” which in the last twenty years, many researchers are trying to confirm or refute the supplement.

More On Allergy and its relation to other Diseases and effects on our Health and Remedies for it is coming up in next posts.


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