Cancer Survivor Stories  – what a human spirit!

She is a woman in her early seventies years; apparent age – meeting the actual, average height, normal physique, adequate, living, smiling.

42 years old (in 1980) has undergone the first operation on the occasion of colonic cancer. The tumor was removed and it is cut away and part of the colon (sigma). The patient is rapidly recovering from major surgery and for 8-9 years without major complaints.


Cancer Survivor Stories – what happened after?

After this period, light it starts to feel dropped, loses weight and noticed the emergence of a general pallor. This symptoms lasts about 3 years. Due to a change in shape and  stool and regular bowel movements of drops of blood, she entered the hospital. In research done is established emerging colon cancer, developed on the basis of malignant transformation of  polyp.

The patient was offered surgical treatment, which she agrees. This is her second operation for cancer, made ​​in 1993 when she was 55 years. Carried out is another resection (cutting) of the colon. Follow a smooth postoperative period, surgical wound heals without complications.

Cancer Survivor Stories  continues in the coming years.

After 2-3 years of relatively good health and still appear complaints of tiredness, fatigue, weight loss of weight change of constipation with diarrhea, change in the form of feces. The review found tumor formation to the left of the navel with the size of a walnut, difficulty moving, with particular consistency.

The third cancer operation carried out in order planning in 1998. On opening the abdomen to detect missing fragments of colon removed in previous operations and the availability of new colonic tumor near the liver, which has sprouted to the small bowel loops. The tumor was removed together with involvement of the small intestine. Removed is the gall bladder.

67 years on the occasion of several months of complaints from  pain and bloating and weight loss a few pounds, she was again admitted to hospital for elective surgery. The right side of the abdomen, near the appendix showing tumor formation in size of male fist painful at palpation.

In the fourth operation performed on the abdomen is removed large cancerous node, and with him again removed parts of the colon (tsyokuma), appendix, part of the small intestine and several lymph nodes. Histology reopened adenocarcinoma (cancer), this time tsyokuma. In lymph node metastases not detected.

The problems with the diseases did not stop.The year is 2008. At check-in about the cough is assigned x-ray of the lungs. Open a new tumor measuring 3-4 cm in diameter, located in the right lung. Performed CT (scan) confirmed the existence of a new cancer. The patient was offered the fifth operation, this time of the lung. The tumor was removed and histological examination showed that no case of pulmonary metastasis of colonic adenocarcinoma, and this is another kind of tumor (biphasic pulmoblastom).


That same year, after severe pulmonary surgery patient   goes to the doctor on the occasion of “backpack” of person that does not heal. Right facial is a reddish nodal entity that has a diameter of about 2 cm and has a horn center. Follows six operations. The front is cut off and tumor diagnosis was confirmed in cancer biopsy examination. It is about squamous cell carcinoma. The patient is given advice on hygiene and diet and was registered for dispensary observation.

Six operations for cancer for 28 years!

Four times is opened abdominal cavity. Cut are a few snippets from the colon, small bowel loops are removed, gall bladder, appendix. Severe lung surgery, removing a tumor from his face!

Six times to get sick from cancer and six times to heal!

The questions: “What about you? Your body is like a breeding ground for cancer! These serious diseases I do not mean anything to you? Through them as people spend a common cold? “, The patient responds with a smile:” It seems so indeed occurs to me “.

What makes this woman different than the other people?

Two main things scar: Frequent ill with cancer and the triumph of body over this devastating diseases!

Regarding the first question it is itself a simple answer:

“For me this disease is hereditary. My mother also several times suffered from cancer and at different organs – colon, uterus, breast. Went through all the operations like me and died of … old age. “

These women have never smoked are not abusing alcohol compliance are hygienic and diet, have lived in different places, are leading a healthy lifestyle.

Why in their bodies so often arise cancers?

What is the reason they deal with this serious disease so easily?

Why most cancer patients die, and these women were sick several times in his life and … were recovered?

Is this the smile with which they met their “heavy” and difficult diagnosis destiny?

These questions and many others waiting for their answer, but one thing is clear at the meeting in such patients:

Cancer is a win!

There are people for whom there is no difference between cancer and the common cold.

In 1984 V.M. gets severe pain in the abdomen. District doctor will scan, called an ambulance for emergency medical and sends it to the emergency surgical ward of the city hospital. The patient was immediately accepted and has been operated the same evening with clinical evidence of severe peritonitis.

The next day the doctor informed relatives that the woman has cancer tsyokuma (right side of the colon). Cancer is completely destroyed the wall of the intestine and in breach expired intestinal contents into the abdominal cavity. This has led to acute peritonitis and abdominal drama has caused the woman to be adopted and operated in an emergency. During the operation, part of the colon tumor was cut.

Most of it, however, has remained in the abdomen and could not be cleared. The doctor warns people that this situation can not guarantee rescue the patient. The last part of the conversation, at the insistence of relatives, is decided the patient should be told that was operated by appendicitis. The surgeon agrees that it is pointless worrying about it.

After a week she is discharged from the hospital, and relatives and receive medical history from the compartment in which it is incorporated results from biopsies of tissue trimmed colon. 

Postoperative period runs smoothly. The woman says with a smile to all relatives and friends of how old age of it operated by appendicitis. Their time passes instead of the expected deterioration in health, the patient healed completely. After a month she has returned to normal rhythm of life and has forgotten about the experience tribulation.

District doctor who is aware of the history, conscientiously and meticulously monitor their patient through weekly check-ups. Continued improvement and amazes him. The second month after surgery, very puzzled by the lack of any data remaining in the stomach cancer, he sent the woman a checkup by a specialist. The results are unambiguous:

Cancer formation is not stayed and memories! The woman was completely healed!

The story is vivid demonstration of how the power of positive inner attitude and belief in a favorable outcome translate itself into reality. In the case described no other decisive factor or further treatment, which could explain the victory over cancer. Smile! You’ve got cancer.

What would be the fate of the patient, if truth were told about her condition after the surgery? Most likely she would follow the fate of John?

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