Cabbage Soup Diet Home Recipes for Weight Loss.

cabbage soup diet

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cabbage soup diet slim

Cabbage Soup Recipes for Weight Loss Cabbage Soup diet.

Day 1 with Cabbage Soup Diet.

Fruits: They can eat any fruit you choose the one most like you, unless it is banana. In this day and eat only cabbage soup and fruit that you have chosen. It is best to alternate them, not together.

Second day of the Cabbage Soup Diet:

Vegetable: Eat to eat raw or cooked vegetables of your choice. Try to eat leafy green vegetables (cabbage, lettuce, spinach, rhubarb, parsley …) and do not eat beans, lentils, peas or corn.

During the day you eat vegetables and cabbage soup. For dinner, pamper yourself with a baked potato with a little oil. This day does not eat fruit.




 Third day of the Cabbage Soup Diet .

Mixed: eat eat the first two days. Eat as much cabbage soup you want from, fruits and vegetables. For dinner do not eat baked potato.

Fourth day:

Bananas and skim milk: In this day eat up to 8 bananas and as much as you want cups skim milk and of course cabbage soup). Because bananas are sweet and rich in carbohydrates, that day will reduce your desire for sweets.

 Cabbage Soup Diet  – Fifth day:

Beef / veal and tomatoes: 250-500 grams of meat and 6 fresh tomatoes. Drink at least 6-8 glasses of water. Eat cabbage soup at least once during the day.

If you love beef can replace it with boiled or roasted chicken, but do not eat the skin, it is best to have chicken. Can also be replaced with beef and fish, but only in one of the days in which to eat beef.

 Cabbage Soup Diet  – Sixth day:

Beef and Vegetables: Eat as much beef and vegetables you want (from those with green leaves). No baked potato and eat from the cabbage soup at least once.

Seventh day of the Cabbage Soup Diet :

Brown rice, not sweetened fruit juices and vegetables. You can eat from the  allowed foods as you want. Eat from the cabbage soup at least once during the day.

Cabbage soup Recipes for Weight Loss


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