Cabbage Soup Diet Healthy Recipes for Weight Loss.

cabbage soup diet review

Weight Loss Diet Plan at Home – Cabbage Soup Diet

Third day

Chicken salad with carrots and cabbage soup. Meals are like the second day, only fish is replaced with chicken and salads are different.

Fourth day

Nonfat yogurt (skimmed) tofu and cabbage soup.

8.00 – a nonfat yogurt

10.00 – cabbage soup

12.00 – tofu with lettuce, to alter the taste of salt, a little soy sauce

14.00 – cabbage soup

16:00 – 1 yogurt

18.00 – tofu and cabbage soup

After 18 hours only cabbage soup.

Fifth day

Beef salad with tomatoes and cabbage soup.

8.00 – tomato salad

10.00 – cabbage soup

12.00 – 250 grams beef with tomato salad

14.00 – cabbage soup

16.00 – tomato salad

18.00 – 250 grams beef with tomato salad

After 18.00 hours only cabbage soup.

Sixth day

Chicken breast, cucumber, baked potato and cabbage soup.

8.00 – 1 baked potato (200 g) with butter and salt maanichko

10.00 – cabbage soup

12.00 – 250g grilled chicken breast with cucumber salad with a little olive oil, vinegar and salt

14.00 – cabbage soup

16.00 – cabbage soup

18.00 – 250g grilled chicken breast with cucumber salad with a little olive oil, vinegar and salt

After only cabbage soup 18.00

Seventh day

Fish, brown rice, tomatoes and cabbage soup

8.00 – 200 g cooked brown rice (if not pre-soaked, brown rice, cooked 1.5 hours) topped with 1 tablespoon olive oil 2 tablespoons soy sauce and salt.

10.00 – cabbage soup

12.00 – 250 g fillet of grilled fish with tomato salad

14.00 – cabbage soup

16:00 – 100 grams of cooked brown rice

18.00 – 250 g fillet of grilled grub with a salad of tomatoes

After 18 hours only cabbage soup.

Effectiveness of the diet of cabbage soup is increased by adding movement. I do not recommend starting a fitness and exercise if you have not done any sports, because with cabbage soup diet is drastically reduced intake of calories and the body must cope with new situations and will be easier if you do not stress with extra heavy workouts.

Recommended: cabbage soup diet can be combined with some walking (at least 1 hour a day). This does not mean one hour continuous walking (although it is a great idea, but difficult when you have children, work and other obligations …)

Activities that will increase the effect of the cabbage soup diet.

Climbing stairs – do not use elevators. In the early climb 2 floors, then 3 until you get to 7. If you go to meetings during the day, the moment you enter the building, take off your coat and headed for the stairs. Foot climb several floors and feel that going to gasp for breath, stop and catch the elevators on the remaining floors.

Regulate their meetings abroad. Instead of people coming at you, you walk to them.

Buy food for the day, so the next day you have to go to the store, which means movement.

Browse shops – you have a favorite theme – clothes, equipment, cosmetics and others. Walking from shop to shop is calorie burner!

Get out of the public transport one stop earlier and walk home. Or go back to the next stop and from there hit the transport.

Find your favorite TV series and instead of sitting to watch it – steps on the left, right, and gradually increase the pace, but be careful you do not faint because of low intake of calories (not that something terrible will happen, but there is no need to to cause discomfort).

Drink plenty of water, it will often go to the bathroom. If you work in an office, go back to a toilet, the toilet downstairs … increase their general path as you walk.

For office workers – start walking at lunchtime. Even 10-15 minutes walking are important. Go to the nearest market / shops, check out the fruits and vegetables, see prices …

Once a week you are warmed with walking, you can try light exercise in the gym, but in no case exercise longer than 45-60 minutes, and with breaks between exercises.

What people usually refuse to regular exercise is the first time that too much, then it hurts them one week and going to the gym during this time can not be the case. And then they no longer walk.

No need to let this mistake. Gradually increase the load and try to feel the pleasure that your body is purified from the diet and that is more flexible and mobile from the exercises.

For those who are accustomed to exercise no problem to combine diet with cabbage soup with serious training – perhaps in this case it is better to increase intake of foods that contain protein so that the muscles can be fully fed.


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