Cabbage Soup Diet – The Diet Menu…!

6 green onions

2 green peppers

6 fresh tomatoes, canned may

3 carrots

200 grams mushrooms, preserved and can

Contact celeriac (celery)

Half a cabbage (medium size)

Spices according to taste – salt, pepper, parsley, garlic, etc..

Preparation of Cabbage Soup

Use a pot that holds about 4 liters.

Chop onions and stew (can also be fried in little oil, only 2-3 tablespoons of oil, no more). Add chopped green peppers, cabbage, carrots, mushrooms, celery.

Soup can be hot, so adding curry or chilli does not harm the cabbage soup diet with. Pour 12 cups water and let it cook on slow fire for a long time (originally 2:00, but I think maybe 1 hour).

cabbae soup diet weight loss fast

Cabbage Soup Diet – How long can I Use it for?

My opinions about “cabbage soup diet” is that it is being done to shed pounds and can be made for a limited period – 7 days. Since the original diet of cabbage soup is not balanced in terms of nutrients, many are tempted to offer their own selection of foods to eat with cabbage soup.

When doing a diet to lose weight should be given the inclusion of a variety of foods that come from three types of basic nutrients – proteins, carbohydrates and fats, along with vitamins and minerals.

Healthy Diet with Cabbage soup Diet:

First day:

3 pieces fruit (same), 3 boiled eggs and cabbage soup. I think in the diet you can not eat unlimited fruits because they contain carbohydrates, which must be reduced to achieve weight loss. Include eggs, because proteins contain protein, fat and egg yolks and vitamins. Cabbage soup is filling, as you eat it, so never stay hungry. Example of how to allocate food:






8.00 – apple (or other fruit, bear in mind that apples prevent constipation that may occur during the first days of the diet, but then things are normal and will even be surprised how many will become regular visits to the toilet).

10.00 – apple again

12.00 – 1 boiled egg and cabbage soup as you want

14.00 – apple and cabbage soup if you want

16.00 – 1 boiled egg and cabbage soup as you want

18.00 – 1 boiled egg and cabbage soup as you want

After 18 hours you can eat as many times as you want but only cabbage soup.

Second day of the Cabbage Soup Diet:

Salads, baked fish and cabbage soup. To cleanse the body- tomatoes are very good, so fresh salad of tomatoes with a little olive oil and salt will do a great job.

I personally do not like the taste combination of tomatoes and fish, and I changed the tomatoes with cabbage or lettuce. But if you like grilled fish and tomatoes, then I recommend you combine them that day.

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8.00 – 300 g salad of tomatoes

10.00 – cabbage soup

12.00 – 250 grams fish fillet (tuna, salmon, trout, hake) with grilled tomato salad (can double – 600 grams).

14.00 – cabbage soup

16.00 – tomato salad

18.00 – 250 grams fish fillet (tuna, salmon, trout, hake) with grilled tomato salad (can double – 600 grams).

After 18.00 hours permitted only cabbage soup.

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How to make cabbage soup.

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